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  • Bat Mitzvah or Wedding DJ

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    Does anyone have a recommendation of an excellent, but low key DJ for a Bat Mitzvah.

    We want good music, but not too loud. A DJ who won't feel like they need to be the focus of the evening. Thanks for any advice.

    A wedding DJ with the same specs would work as well. They are probably interchangeable jobs.

    I cannot say enough good things about ET Hazzard, who DJ'ed our wedding, but my Yelp review is a good starting point ( Here's his website, which has an inquiry form:

    Darryl Grace is your guy!  He’s a DJ who is all about the kids, not himself.  He’s also a middle school teacher by day so he “speaks” 13- year old.  He works at a Jewish day school and has DJed countless bar/bat mitzvahs.  He’s personable and fun!  You can reach him at djdgrace [at]  Mazal Tov!

    We used Jason Shires with QMEP for our wedding in 2015. He really listened to what we wanted and respected the amount of involvement we wanted him to have during the ceremony and reception.  He is the owner of QMEP so he’s a bit more expensive than getting another one of their DJs. We actually ended up with him as a fluke, but really liked him! 

     Since it was a few years ago it’s possible they have changed their model, but it’s worth checking.

    DJ Tomas Diablo.

    We had a Jewish wedding and he was our DJ.  Nice guy, will totally work with you on music, also a really good MC if you have announcements and such.

    tomas [at]

    Check out Justin James of JustINtertainment. He’s a great DJ and super responsive and easy to work with. Handles all kinds of events really well.

  • My daughter's elementary school is looking for a DJ that can both DJ and interact with the kids (i.e. motivate kids to partake in the dance).  The school is having a Fall Dance.  Any recommendations?

    Give Justin James of DJ Just-In a call! He is a fantastic DJ who produces all sorts of events for all ages. He creates a custom playlist for every event that is tailored to the crowd and setting - and always gets the crowd on the dance floor. He has an elementary school age kid and a preschooler so definitely knows how to get kids up and moving - and he regularly dj's school events at Malcolm X Elementary in Berkeley.

    Phone: 650.483.6825; Email: djjustinbayarea [at] (djjustinbayarea [at] gmail [dot] com; )

  • DJ for a middle school dance

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    The recommendations for DJ's seem to be on the older side.  Wondering if anyone has anything to add.  Middle school dance.  Prefer the works - games, full engagement, etc.   Thank you in advance!  

    My now 7th grade son and his friends raved about DJ Hightop who played their Middle School dance last year.  I wasn't there (oh to have been a fly on the wall!) but apparently he was awesome— fun, played great music and had everyone dancing. My son and his friends were totally sweaty from dancing so much....they still rave about him as being the best DJ. (He's been to two dances this year and while they were fun, still mentions DJ Hightop!)

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Mobile DJ for middle school graduation party

Feb 2008

I'm looking for a mobile dj for my daughter's middle school graduation party. We have a budget of $500.00. Does anyone have any referrals? Sarah

I can not recommend Kalvin Lathan (aka DJ Kal) highly enough! We have used him for many parties & he is AWESOME. We're referred him to other friends, coworkers etc & no one has ever been disappointed! He is fun, has a diversity of music & can warm up ANY crowd. Kalvin Lathan (510) 812-2174 KLathan[at]
party lovin' mama

DJ for Teen Birthday Party

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My daughter is having a ''dance party'' for her 13th birthday. At first we thought that we'd just play some CDs ourselves. Then we thought again! We don't have enough music or a very good sound system. Now we are looking for a fairly inexpensive (?) DJ that will play hip-hop/pop type music that kids like to dance to. The party will be in El Cerrito. Are there any high-schoolers out there that do this kind of thing?............ Marcia

I would highly recommend Alan Sapalicio (D.J. Al). He's located in Alameda and does parties all over the Bay Area. He specializes in teen parties and school dances. His rates are very reasonable. He can be reached at (510) 517-1143 or djal at Rhea


March 2000

I'd like to get some feedback from parents on finding a DJ for an upcoming event for my son...he's 14. There seem to be so many out there and I'd prefer to go with somebody whose work and style is known to parents from previous parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, etc. Thanks! Michael

I highly recommend Javier Corrales (DJ Nomadic) 925-472-2441 He has DJ'ed events for San Leandro Middle School, Bancroft Middle School as well as various UC Berkeley college events. I have heard him play at various college events. I took his card for a party that has yet to be realized (it is never the right time...) because I enjoyed his mix of music... Cruz