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DJ who doesn't do a lot of games

Sept 2008

We are looking for a DJ for our daughter's bat mitzvah next January. We'd like someone who doesn't do a lot of games, concentrating more on really good R and Rock music for the adults to dance in addition to great music the kids would enjoy. There will be several generations to please. Thank you! Bette

We didn't want the games and twice used Miguel ''High Top'' Fonseca (415-442- 7942); people raved -- 5 kids from my daughter's class asked for his number. He gets adults involved as well as kids; he goes around to each table to ask for suggestions. BTW, I got him as a referral from my caterer -- they see all the DJs and can provide great advice. Wendy

Mobile DJ for middle school graduation party

Feb 2008

I'm looking for a mobile dj for my daughter's middle school graduation party. We have a budget of $500.00. Does anyone have any referrals? Sarah

I can not recommend Kalvin Lathan (aka DJ Kal) highly enough! We have used him for many parties & he is AWESOME. We're referred him to other friends, coworkers etc & no one has ever been disappointed! He is fun, has a diversity of music & can warm up ANY crowd. Kalvin Lathan (510) 812-2174 KLathan[at]
party lovin' mama

DJ for bat mitzvah dance

Feb 2007

Can anybody provide a good recommendation for a DJ for an age-13 dance party / bat mitzvah? A playlist including the latest contemporary music on the radio would be mandatory, but the #1 goal is fun. Unhip-Pop

DJK productions DJ'ed about every Bar/Bat Mitzvah my son went to last year ( which included around 12 or so of his Hebrew School classmates). We think Daryl Grace is the best of their DJs. He absolutely keeps it all moving smoothly, but doesn't make himself the focus of the event. DJK productions has a number of other DJs as well. Here's their voice mail: 352-8020 and website: Good luck! We recommend them highly -Just survived the Bar Mitzvah circuit 2006

Our daughter celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with Denon & Doyle at the recommendation of our party planner. We were highly satisfied. The MC met with us at our house and asked us about our preferences. Gil helped us with the orchestration of the event. He and crew were fabulous at keeping the guests of all ages engaged. We highly recommend them. Web site is Have fun! Denise

A wonderful deejay for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is Joel Abramson. He creates a great, dynamic party for both kids and adults, yet keeps everyone aware of the real meaning of the celebration. He offers a variety of packages, from electronic deejay to live bands, sometimes even with dancers, and helps you plan the party, too. Look him up at He and his staff are terrific! Cynthia

Just had the Bat Mitzvah thing, and I used the same DJ that was at my son's event 4 years ago: Miguel ''High Hat'' Fonseca. (He was recommended by my caterer.) He's strictly a music DJ -- doesn't do the games, so if you want that, look elsewhere. But he gets everyone up and dancing. He came with one helper for my son's Bar Mitzvah and 2 for my daughter's. They went around to all the tables (adults as well as kids) and got requests from everyone. I've been to a bunch of events with other DJs (mostly the music-and-game variety), and at all the kids were dancing pretty much the entire time. The difference with my family's events were that adults danced much more than at the others. Which could be a down-side to this DJ from your child's perspective! ;-) And for parents: his fee was relatively very reasonable. Phone: 415-442-7942. Feel free to email me if you want further info. wb

DJ for Teen Birthday Party

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My daughter is having a ''dance party'' for her 13th birthday. At first we thought that we'd just play some CDs ourselves. Then we thought again! We don't have enough music or a very good sound system. Now we are looking for a fairly inexpensive (?) DJ that will play hip-hop/pop type music that kids like to dance to. The party will be in El Cerrito. Are there any high-schoolers out there that do this kind of thing?............ Marcia

I would highly recommend Alan Sapalicio (D.J. Al). He's located in Alameda and does parties all over the Bay Area. He specializes in teen parties and school dances. His rates are very reasonable. He can be reached at (510) 517-1143 or djal at Rhea

DJ for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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Any suggestions for an affordable, energetic, not-overwhelming, cheerful DJ for a bat mitzvah party? We're looking for someone who will do a variety of group dances that involve the adults and little kids as well as the teens. Giveaways and games aren't too important to us, as long as the DJ can keep the party going. Thanks, Merry

I suggest DJ K -- 352-8020 -- He did our son's Bar Mitzvah and was great. Very professional -reliable accommodating of family's wishes re musical variety, directing the flow of the party or not, etc. Good sound system, even lights if you want. Very experienced and willing to offer suggestions of things that have worked at other bar/bat mitzvahs, if you're interested. I'm not sure about the affordable part, you should ask around to find out what other parents are paying and what other DJs charge. -Jeff

Temple Sinai in downtown Oakland keeps a binder full of recommendations for B'nai Mitzvot. Lori Abramson is the Education Director there and her husband, Joel, is a wonderful DJ (Joel Abramson's Orchestra, I believe). We used him for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah in 1998 and would definitely do so again! Joan

For my daughter's bat mitzvah I wanted a band and she wanted a DJ. We compromised on Joel Abrahamson. He brought 2 musicians and himself. So we had a small band that could play ALL KINDS of music. So adults and teens danced. We had everything from the standard Jewish tunes for line and circle dancing as well as the child (and parents) raised on the chair. Then he went to current popular music and he brought tapes. I bought the toy give away stuff and gave it to him. He did the games with the teens. Then when my daughter and her friends wanted to take over the microphone and sing, etc, he asked me if it were OK to turn it over to them because they then became the entertainment. I said yes. So I felt that he was flexible, knew what to do when and met the needs of adults and teens at the party. You can contract with him for just a DJ, or you could have a larger band. It is priced by the number of performers you want. He works out of his home in Oakland and the number is: 510-839-3793 DCK

You can find some of the better DJs (and event locations) in the Bay Area at . They have to submit up to 30 trade/professional references to qualify to be on this website and are all checked out in advance of being listed. Most DJs have email and will gladly give you names of up and coming or younger djs who will work at school dances. Lynn

I can heartily recommend Warren Rodgerson as a DJ. I had attended several Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs where he provided music and I was impressed. I hired him for a big party in 1995. He was professional and responsible and was GREAT with both kids and adults. Wide variety of music, taught us ole foggies the electric slide. We all had a great time. His web site has lots of valuable information, including lists of music.
Warren Rodgerson
Creative Soul Productions
cr8vsol AT


March 2000

I'd like to get some feedback from parents on finding a DJ for an upcoming event for my son...he's 14. There seem to be so many out there and I'd prefer to go with somebody whose work and style is known to parents from previous parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, etc. Thanks! Michael

I highly recommend Javier Corrales (DJ Nomadic) 925-472-2441 He has DJ'ed events for San Leandro Middle School, Bancroft Middle School as well as various UC Berkeley college events. I have heard him play at various college events. I took his card for a party that has yet to be realized (it is never the right time...) because I enjoyed his mix of music... Cruz