Ballet Class With Recital For Pre-Teens

Hi I am looking for ballet classes for a 12 going-on-13 year old in the East Bay. We checked The Berkeley Ballet Thearter, Alameda Ballet, Shawl Anderson, and  many others. However, it seems that classes go by  season and since fall season registration is closed you can't start until the spring next year. We're especially looking for classes that do recitals and performances rather than just lessons. Are there any classes at the moment that preform and start in November or December this year?

Please let me know your experiences with ballet for your kiddos! : ) Thank you so much!

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Alameda Ballet Academy does a spring recital every year. Even if you sign up for the new session in January your dancer will participate, the recital is usually in April/May.

Both BBT and ABA do annual recitals and Nutcrackers. In the ballet world Nov/Dec are for rehearsing and performing Nutcracker, so no, you won't find any classes that start now.

12/13 is kind of late to start, but for sure ABA has a beginner class for teens, and I think BBT may as well. Good luck!

Signed, a ballet mom for 14 years and counting....

I just signed up my 11 yr old with Oakland ballet on Piedmont ave run by Denise.    Very good teacher.   Performances are scheduled.    

Katie’s Dance Studio in El Cerrito has ballet classes that take students mid-season.  The annual Showcase is usually in June, and the studio participates in various competitions and other performance opportunities also.