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Ballet for 12 year old with no experience

May 2014

My 12 year old daughter would like to learn ballet. She had limited lessons years ago. Are there classes or camps where a 12 year old can learn the basics? Ballet Enthusiast

I don't know if you're only looking for summer camps, but Alameda Ballet has a Teen
Intro to Ballet class that's for kids 9+ who are just starting ballet. Check out

Beginners' ballet classes for almost 15 y.o.?

Sept 2013

My daughter is interested in learning ballet. Ideally, she would prefer a class with other teens (rather than 6 y.o. or adults), and an environment that is serious about ballet but not preprofessional. Shawl-Anderson has received positive reviews on BPN in the past, but I'd like to hear about the recent experiences of other teens who started ballet lessons as teens, either there or at other studios. What did you or your teen consider when you were looking for a studio? We're interested in studios in Berkeley, North Oakland, or Albany. BTW, she took lessons for a year when she was 5, but doesn't really remember it. Mom of exploring teen

About Shawl-Anderson....there are several dancers at Shawl-Anderson who follow a teacher and attend all of that teacher's classes. This means that very advanced dancers can be in a beginning class! My teen found this very intimidating because it seemed that everyone else was getting the choreography faster than she was. I think this may be the experience at many dance studios, but it might be useful to give her a heads-up. Anonymous

My son started ballet when he was much older, at 21. He's tried lots of places. He liked Berkeley Ballet Theater, on College, which has good teachers and a warm atmosphere. He also loves the SF Academy of Ballet, right at Church and Market. He takes BART and transfers to MUNI and then is right there, just by the MUNI stop. They have a good and thorough and progressive program for young people that is after school and then in the summer, with individual attention for the students and good teachers. hope she has fun!