Attorney for In-Home Daycare or Preschool

Hi - I’m looking for an attorney with experience advising in-home daycares or preschools. Planning to establish an in-home daycare and would like advice on tax, liability, licensing, and LLC/incorporation issues. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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Bananas, an Oakland referral agency, holds monthly information workshops on how to open and operate an in-home childcare, including accessible local free resources. They will walk you through the process. Next, Community Care Licensing holds mandatory orientation classes for people who want to open a in-home childcare. Be sure to pre-register and pre-pay the $25 fee to attend by calling CCL at 510-622-2602 or going to Since Community Care Licensing is the agency that will license your child care, ultimately they are your best resource on how to proceed, including information on what liabilities you need to carry.

I would advise you to attend the Bananas information workshop and then the CCL class before consulting an attorney.