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  • How to Become a Babysitter

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    Hi all,

    I feel silly asking this. I have raised three children, many nieces and nephews, started babysitting as a teen. I am a semi-retired attorney, incredibly healthy, mid-50’s and I love children. I sadly have no grandchildren and really miss being with little ones. Websites like Sittercity, etc. seem like scams.

    I don’t have recent experience because I have been doing other work; how can I offer my services? I am great with kids and they naturally like me. 

    Thanks for your help and suggestions,


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    Perhaps you could apply to Swiss Cheese Childcare?

    My experience with them is as a parent - I have used them for years and am always impressed by the quality of sitters. I know that people use their sitters for all types of jobs, from typical evening sitting when parents go out, to help with morning drop off or afternoon pickups from school. Vicki the owner has been great to work with for me as a customer, I imagine she would be for the sitters too.

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    If you’re mainly interested in time with babies (vs. making some extra money), the mama/baby yoga class at Yogalayam in Berkeley was mentioning they are looking for volunteer baby holders. The volunteers entertain and hold the babies and support the mothers during class. It is a wonderful and loving space and as a student I am so grateful for the space to practice and loving arms the baby holders provide. 

    RE: How to Become a Babysitter ()

    You might consider getting involved with Swiss Cheese Childcare, a local babysitting agency. We've booked sitters through them for our son and they're a great company. Also, for what it's worth, I don't think SitterCity and Urbansitter are scams, I know people who book sitters through them regularly. You might also try posting something on your neighborhood Nextdoor offering your services. 

  • Hi - I’m looking for an attorney with experience advising in-home daycares or preschools. Planning to establish an in-home daycare and would like advice on tax, liability, licensing, and LLC/incorporation issues. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

    Bananas, an Oakland referral agency, holds monthly information workshops on how to open and operate an in-home childcare, including accessible local free resources. They will walk you through the process. Next, Community Care Licensing holds mandatory orientation classes for people who want to open a in-home childcare. Be sure to pre-register and pre-pay the $25 fee to attend by calling CCL at 510-622-2602 or going to Since Community Care Licensing is the agency that will license your child care, ultimately they are your best resource on how to proceed, including information on what liabilities you need to carry.

    I would advise you to attend the Bananas information workshop and then the CCL class before consulting an attorney.