Art class for 10 y.o. in Berkeley

Our 10 y.o. girl is very interested in learning to draw or paint.  She has great desire, but is getting frustrated, and claiming, "I can't draw!".  Can anyone recommend an individual, class, or camp for her?  We are in the Elmwood, but don't mind driving her.

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One Big Love studio in Oakland is wonderful for helping kids develop strong skills in drawing and painting (they offer other classes during the summer, too). It’s a little bit of a drive from Berkeley, but we’ve found it to be worth the trouble. There are school break camps and also summer sessions.

Torrey Delaplane is a middle school art teacher and soccer coach who lives in Berkeley.  She's great with kids and especially at getting them to move beyond the "I can't draw" phase.  Her number is 760-215-1550

Monart!  They teach realistic drawing technique, not free-form art.  I think this would be more satisfying to your daughter, because it sounds like she wants to improve her skill level. If her goal is to learn how to draw a cat that looks like a cat, an orchid that looks like an orchid, etc., Monart is perfect.  My daughter loved it and learned a lot. They are on MLK and Dwight. 

We highly recommend Monart on MLK at Dwight as a fabulous place for kids to learn traditional art techniques, and make amazing pictures.  My daughter wished she'd gone their earlier, and eventually graduated to the adult drawing class.  Mona is wonderful and it was a great experience.