Any traditional Inns in Berkeley/Oakland?

My folks are coming to stay for a week and we’ve tried Airbnb but the units are usually pretty sterile with low aesthetic/comfort appeal (which it turns out can be important for 70-something New Yorkers). Besides the Claremont Inn, is there anything else? Closer to Temescal is better for us....

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Check out the Berkeley City Club in downtown Berkeley. I haven't stayed there but I've been to events there and had dinner in the restaurant. It's a beautiful building designed by Julia Morgan with a gorgeous indoor pool and the rooms look charming.

Here is UC Berkeley's list of nearby lodging:  If you have any UC Berkeley connections, there are guest rooms in both the men's and women's faculty clubs.  

Check out the Rose Garden Inn on Telegraph.  It’s in Berkeley and pretty cute. Small rooms but charming. The serve a nice breakfast and it’s pretty close to you, campus and college ave.

Have a look at Grandma's Inn on Telegraph in Berkeley.