Any suggestions for the summer?

So far all of the summer camps that I signed up for my 4-year old and 5-year old got canceled, but to keep my job I will have to send them somewhere during the summer, preferably in a group setting where they can socialize with peers and learn something.  I wonder if any parent knows about a summer camp that will still open in June, July or August, or plans to organize one. Very much appreciated!   

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Moderator Note:   At least until May 31, in-person summer camps are only permitted for the children of essential workers. The State has a database to help essential workers find childcare, but it targets children under 5 only (see  There is very little information about summer camps, although guidelines for day camps have been issued (here is Alameda County's guide:

So how do parents make plans for the summer? I did a quick look at the websites of some of the camps that post on BPN year after year. Some have canceled camp for 2020 (Monkey Business), some are offering online camps only (Camp Edmo, Aurora, Dancing Paintbrush), and many others have adopted a wait-and-see approach, asking parents to check back in June. (Sarah's Science, Oakland YMCA, Roughing ItCity of El CerritoAdventure Day Camp).

On May 31, the current stay-at-home order will expire, and perhaps things will become more clear then. In the meantime, research camps, look at their websites for information about Covid19 plans, and be prepared to make a decision at the last minute. Here is BPN's list of traditional day camps: and you can look for specialty camps here:

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is doing summer online only. I love them and had my older 13 year old daughter there a couple of years in a row. Not sure how online will be. They offer scholarships, financial assistance. They use AORTA training guides for conflict resolution. 

Fairyland is still planning to run camp, starting in late June and following the new County health guidelines for camps. You might reach out to them since I imagine many people who had signed up will no longer need their spots given the shelter-in-place. The City of Piedmont is also running a camp, though I'm not sure they'll take kids as young as four and I believe residents have priority so it may fill before it opens to the general public. I would also try open preschools to see if they'll consider short-term summer enrollments--many are re-opening in June as more people go back to work. Good luck!

I received an email this week that Sienna Ranch, in Lafayette, will be offering camps this summer. All camps are held outside.

I can't recommend A World of Peace Camp highly enough - it meets out of Cordornices Park. Its opening is contingent on the city of Berkeley opening up the parks and playgrounds, and they won't make any decision until the end this month (May.) I recommend you check back then. It might not happen, but it's a great camp so worth looking into if things open up.

Steve and Kate's is offering in-person camp starting late July. The Crucible is also offering some in-person half day camps starting in July. I heard the Sewing Room might be doing in-person camps later in summer although I don't think this is for sure. These might not help for younger kids though.