Alternative route from Albany to San Leandro?

I'll be commuting from Albany to San Leandro in the mornings and am wondering if there's a decent alternative to the Eastshore Freeway in the morning (driving only). Maybe 13 to 580? TIA

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That’s my daily commute and i take 80 to 880 or Eastshore to Emeryville to 880. I usually leave between 7:20 and 7:30 and get to San Leandro (Kaiser) at around 8. Don’t think alternate routes will save you time. It’s often a slow but still steady drive. 

I'd simply Waze on your smart phone and use it each morning. It keeps track of traffic and driving times on the various routes between your home and your work and may give you a different way each day, routing you around areas with traffic slowdowns.

Some mornings, Eastshore Freeway may be faster. Other mornings, different routes.