Commuting from El Cerrito to San Leandro?

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Commuting from El Cerrito to San Leandro?

Sept 2011

We're thinking of moving to El Cerrito, near the Del Norte BART station, and I work pretty much 9-5ish in San Leandro. How crowded are the trains at that time with a bicycle? (I checked BART's site and they're allowed) Does anyone ever carpool from EC to SL and how do you find riders? Thanks Ready to get the hell outta Oakland

The Fremont train that leaves EC Del Norte is ALWAYS less crowded than the SF train. There is plenty of room for bikes since this is only the 2nd stop. A lot of people get on the Fremont train and then transfer at MacArthur to get on the SF train, so once you get into Berkeley the train gets a bit crowded, but it's tolerable. A LOT of people get off the Fremont train at MacArthur and it seems pretty empty. But since I don't go toward San Leandro at that point, I can't comment on how crowded it gets once it leaves MacArthur.

I think that commute with a bicycle would be very manageable though since you are already on the train before it gets crowded. I don't know how the return commute would be though. Good luck. Sounds like a managable commute to me