Advice re Getting Refund from Residential Treatment Center

My child was in a short-term residential treatment facility.   I paid the company first, as it was an urgent situation, but was told I’d be reimbursed when the insurance company paid the bill.  The insurance company paid the full amount and I have proof.  The company has not reimbursed me and it’s a substantial amount of money.  They have stopped returning my calls and have not answered my emails. 

What state entity regulates this type of facility and what’s the best way to file a complaint so I can get reimbursed as soon was possible?  Any advice welcomed.

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It seems odd to me that insurance paid them rather than reimbursing you. I have not heard of this. I would contact your insurance bc that should not have happened. As for who to complain to I am not sure. I would contact DREDF and perhaps consult a lawyer. They will often give a free advice session. 

Don't know if a complaint will get you your money refunded.  You will have to sue.  Hopefully you can do that in small claims court.  Cap is $15,000. 
I would also post 1 star reviews in social media.  This can be more effective and more expedient than going to court.

Good luck

Try contacting “Seven on Your Side” or any similar TV consumer advocacy show-this is exactly the kind of case they handle.  Good luck!

Try reaching out to your insurance company first. Since you had already paid, they should have reimbursed you, not paid the provider a second time. They should hopefully be able to untangle it and ensure that you are made whole (and may have more weight with the provider). If your insurance company can't sort it out and you paid by credit card, you can try a chargeback. If not and your insurance company is not responsive, you may unfortunately have to sue.