Parent Networks in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is a list of parenting groups that have been recommended by Berkeley Parents Network subscribers.

Note: Fees shown below are not kept updated, so please contact the organization for current fees and more info.

Bay Area-wide Groups

  • Berkeley Parents Network This One! Free online resource for parents in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Holistic Moms Network ($45/yr)
    Chapters in Pleasanton and Oakland. Holistic Moms is a national non-profit organization providing support and community for parents interested in green living, alternative health and gentle parenting.

  • Mocha Moms ($20-30/yr)
    Get-togethers for stay-at-home mothers of color

  • Our Family ($35/yr)
    resources for Bay Area LGBT parents and their children
    See the website for information about workshops, community events, newsletter and email lists, and more

  • San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club ($55/yr)
    a volunteer organization run cooperatively by and for parents and expectant parents of multiples.

  • Twins by the Bay ($45/yr)
    For Families of Multiples in the East Bay

Alameda County

  • Alameda Family Collective ($35)
    A parent-to-parent email network for families in the city of Alameda, California.

  • Castro Valley Mothers Club ($35)
    A supportive community for mothers with children of all ages as well as expectant mothers

  • F.U.N. Mothers Club ($50)
    Parents in Fremont, Union City, and Newark

  • Tri-City Mothers of Multiples ($32/yr)
    Tri-City MoMs, based in Fremont, is open to parents and expectant parents of twins and higher order multiples. Big Sister Program, Meals for Moms, guest speakers, yard sales, play groups, family picnics, mom's night outs.

Contra Costa County

Peninsula, SSF, San Mateo and Santa Clara County

  • Burlingame Mothers' Club ($50) Non-profit serving Peninsula mothers of 0-5 year olds. Big Tent membership required.

  • Coastside Mothers' Club ($35/yr) For parents, grandparents, or guardians who live on the coast, between Montara and Pescadero.

  • Las Madres Santa Clara County Parents' Group ($30-50)
    Las Madres is a 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit organization for the support and education of young children and their caregivers. While most members are mothers, we warmly welcome fathers, grandparents, and nannies to join also.

  • Main Street Mamas (facebook

  • Parents' Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park ($48/yr or $25 online only)
    A volunteer-led, non-profit organization that provides education, support, social activities and structures to network and learn from each other.

  • San Carlos Belmont Mothers' Club ($45) Serves mid-Peninsula mothers of 0-5 year olds. Big Tent membership required.

Marin County

  • Marin Mommies
    Online magazine and mailing list for parents and families in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Southern Marin Mothers' Club ($75/yr)
    Based in Mill Valley, membership includes playgroups and a monthly newsletter.

San Francisco


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  • BPN equivalent for SF?

    (5 replies)

    For our last child, we found an amazing nanny share set up through BPN. We are now located in SF, and although BPN includes SF as an option in their nanny share listings, there are virtually none posted. Is there an equivalent to BPN for SF families? Does anyone have experience finding a nanny share in SF? Thanks in advance

    Golden Gate Mothers Group. There's a membership fee, though it will be waived if you volunteer with them. 

    There is Golden Gate Mother's Group.  It does charge a fee but it's relatively reasonable--there is also financial assistance if needed--plus membership does include various perks such as discounts at particular stores.  Fair warning though that the discussion board can get political and heated....

    We had great luck with NextDoor. There are lots of Nanny themed groups for various parts of the city. 

    We moved from SF to Oakland and I found out SF nanny share on Golden Gate Mother’s group. You have to pay for membership but its a great resource, they also formulate play groups and host many events. 

    Golden Gate Mothers Group and Main Street Mamas are the largest mothers’ groups in SF and would be great resources for nanny shares.  The former has a $75 annual fee (though volunteering can waive the fee); latter is a very active Facebook group (so free). I’d recommend joining both of you can.  

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Marin Equivalent of Berkeley Parents Network?

August 2001

Is anyone aware of a network like this one based in Marin? Or does anyone know of a Bananas-type place in Marin? tracy

I live in Fairfax and have been a member of the San Rafael Mothers Club for nealry three years (joined just after my first daughter was born). This is a great resource for Marin residents (and beyond). There are also similar mother's groups in southern Marin. I don't know of any non-mother-type organizations (although there may be one), directly similar to UCB parents. As for stores, there are at least two terrific consignment stores for babies/kids in San Rafael: Outgrown on 4th St. (between D and C) and Babies Unlimited on 4th St near where 4th joins with Red Hill Ave. Of course, being Marin you can find lots of pricey kids stores, but for new clothes I think the best bet is right in Fairfax, called Bugaboo on Bolinas (off Broadway). Gretchen

Try the Marin Childcare Council..I'm not too familiar with them but I do know they run similar programs and services as Bananas. They are located in San Rafael. Good luck. Veronica