Deceptive Reviews on BPN

BPN only accepts reviews from parent subscribers who have no personal interest in the business they are recommending, per the Policy on Advertising & Promotion.  This has helped to make reviews on BPN's website more trustworthy than other review sites. 

Unfortunately, reviews are sometimes posted on BPN that are deliberately designed to be misleading in order to conceal a conflict of interest. We believe this is rare, since reviews can only be posted by parent subscribers, and all subscriptions and all posts are reviewed by experienced moderators. Moderators can usually detect patterns that point to questionable postings and they have access to the author's name, email address, and past posts, even on anonymous postings.  Nevertheless, deceptive posts do sometimes get past us. 

If we determine that a review was posted by someone under false pretenses, we unsubscribe the person who posted, we remove all reviews of the business they were posting about, and we don't accept further reviews of that school or business.

Posting a review of your own business under false pretenses

BPN doesn't accept recommendations for oneself or one's friends, colleagues or relatives. All reviews must be posted by a parent who has first-hand experience with the school or business being reviewed, and who does not have a relationship to the business.  If we find that you have posted a review of your own business or someone else's business by misrepresenting yourself as a client, we disable your account, remove all reviews of your business from the website, and we don't accept further postings about your business.

Examples of past transgressions:

  • A tutor who created fake parent accounts in order to post multiple complimentary reviews of herself
  • A husband who recommended his wife's business, posing as a client, while she in turn recommended his

Reciprocal reviews and compensated reviews

BPN does not accept reviews that were posted in exchange for any kind of favor or compensation, including discounts, reciprocal reviews, or satisfying a requirement or obligation. Please see the policy about Compensated and Reciprocal Reviews for details.  

Examples of past transgressions:

  • A daycare that offered tuition discounts to parents who posted recommendations on BPN
  • A group of parent subscribers that posted tit-for-tat reviews of each other's businesses 

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