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Feb 2012

Would appreciate anyone's experience with Southern Oregon University in Ashland. Our daughter really wants a smaller school environment, good access to teachers and some learning support if needed. She was impressed with SOU and has been accepted. She also has several small private school choices as well so we'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who's attended or has students there. Thanks much. Susan

No experience with the school as such (although my aunt went there in the late 30's/early 40's when it was Southern Oregon Teachers College and Taylor Hall is named after another relative), but the Math Department has one of the best teachers in the world: Irving Lubliner, formerly middle school math teacher and ''Mr. Math'' for years at Bentley School. If your daughter has any interest in math, SOU would be a good choice just to be taught by him. Norm

My daughter is starting her third year at SOU. We all think it's fantastic! So is the town. It's definitely not a research institution like UC Berkeley, but for my daughter that's a good thing. She went there her first year not knowing anybody but was able to find a great circle of friends. The only negative so far has been a very bad professor in the Freshman seminar class.

I have to admit that driving up there is much more pleasant than a drive to S. Cal.

Feel free to email me if you want more information. Jon