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  • Hi -

    Is anyone aware of a teen/young adult bereavement group in or near North Berkeley? Does anyone know if UC Berkeley offers such a group to non-UC students? I have searched for a nearby group, but the closest I could find was in south Oakland, and the drive to and from south Oakland from North Berkeley in the late afternoon (after school) created more stress than the group would relieve. Thank you --

    You can call Elisa Youth Bereavement Coordinator at Sutter Care At Home hospice at 510-450-8596 for resources 

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Bereavement Group for Young Adults?

June 2011

I am a 22 year old woman whose father passed away several years ago. I am looking for recommendations for a grief counseling/support group for young adults, especially for those who have lost parents. I know that one-on-one counseling would be helpful, but I don't have the means for that right now, and I know that many support groups are low cost or free. Any suggestions? Thanks! Looking for understanding

I would suggest that you call some local Hospice organizations for some leads on groups. Try Hospice By the Bay, Sutter VNA, Pathways. I am confident that someone in the bereavement dept will be able to give some good direction. Good Luck. Shoshana

Both of my children were helped tremendously after the death of their father by the support group at Circle of Care in Oakland. They cover all ages, I would highly recommend. S

Support Group for teens who have lost a parent

July 2002

My 17-year-old stepdaughter lost her mother to cancer two years ago, and while she is a strong and courageous young woman who is healing well, she might benefit from some peer support. Does anyone know of a support group for teens who have lost parents? Thanks! Amy

Editor note: There are some previous recommendations about this: Circle of Care, formerly know as PediatriCare, a program of East Bay Agency for Children, offers support groups and home based counseling services for families coping with illness, bereavement or loss.... Circle of Care

The Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley has a support group for teens who have a parent with cancer. They may be a good resource for a grief support group as well. Their phone number is: (510) 548-9272.

Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center would also be a good resource: they offer a variety of support groups. Phone: (510) 204-1591.