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  • Where can I get a perm?

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    My waves need some extra oomph and I loved getting perms when I was a teenager, thought why not do it again! The other posts re perms are from 2005-6 so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    I had a great digital perm at Juni Salon in Oakland--the owner, Jennifer, was the one who cut my hair and did my perm, and it turned out amazing.  The digital method is pretty cool and the perm has really held up well.  Although this was not cheap, it was well worth it as this was the best perm I have ever received, hands down!

    I get perms from Ari at Fig & Clover salon. Highly recommend! 

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Hair Makeover - perm?

March 2006

I need help fixing my hair. Can some one recomend a a good hair staylist for a Perm. My hair used to be very curly and I had lots of volume. Lately is geting straight and no volume. I want it back. Any one perming their hairs now a days? Thank you

Yes,Diana Simon specializes in perms, the new kind. I have not had one but friends have and they were pleased. There is a new version of perms, and Diana is on top of the latest. She has done a beautiful job with friends who have every single kind of hair challenge and they all gleam with satisfaction. Diana listens as to what YOU want, then delivers. She has one studio in SF, one in Alameda. Tell her I sent you! Diana Simon Simon Says 933A Central Avenue Alameda 94501 510-387.7815

i love my hairdresser, nanci, and have gone to her for years for great haircuts and color. recently, she gave me a perm and i could not have been happier. the perm strengthened and added to my natural curl, gave me more body, and made it very easy to care for. and it's only been now, 6 months later, that i'm starting to think maybe i'm ready for a repeat. nanci is in emeryville and is great. 510-655-9991. curly again

I've been looking for a place to get a perm myself, particularly a digital perm. I heard it's better than the old way of perming ie no frizz and low maintenance, but lasts only a few months so you don't have to live with it forever. Anyone know a good place for this new trend? perm curious

Spiral perm for Asian hair

Feb 2005

Hi, does anyone know of a hairdresser that gives a really good spiral perm, preferably in the Oakland/Berkeley area? I've searched this website and read almost all recommendations for hairdressers, but mainly they are referrals to hairstylists who cut hair really well. I have short shoulder-length, super straight, smooth and flat Asian hair, and I'm very interested in getting a spiral perm to get a nice mop of curls and body. My current hairstylist cuts my hair and my daughter's hair but doesn't perm. Kim Recommended: