Where to play with marbles mazes?

Hello! My 2.5 year old son is currently obsessed with playing with marbles, making them slide down different surfaces, land in different buckets, etc. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a children's museum/Gymboree/science center that has marble maze play sets that kids can play and experiment with? It looks like they have something like this at the children's museum in Stockton, but I was hoping to find something closer to the Bay Area. I know you can buy marble maze play sets, but I was hoping to find somewhere where he can play and socialize with other kids as well! Thank you.

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You might want to check out LHS - though it's been years since my kids were that small I have a memory of them playing with a marble maze there....

Yes, like the other poster said, the Lawrence Hall of Science has a whole floor area dedicated to marble runs and ball runs. A yearly membership is pretty cheap, and they have animals, storytimes, and outdoor activities (mostly on the weekends). My 5y has been going since he was your kid's age and he hasn't gotten bored there yet.

Lawrence Hall of Science has a few marble-maze building areas or walls. 

Chabot Space & Science Center has a big room upstairs with various hands-on activities, including a marble run wall. 

I second the Lawrence Hall of Science! I was there a month or so ago and had a whole marble section including other similar type activities. 

The Pinole Valley Park playground has a toddler marble maze under the slide :)

There's one of these out at the Exploratorium right now, though the skill level to set up for tinkering might be a little behind a 2.5 year old but probably still a lot of fun w adult support