What does Alta Bates provide for post birth?

Hello, I am due to have my baby soon and I am curious what post-partum and nursing items items the hospital provides for free? I did their virtual tour and I know they have some items for sale, but others have told me not to pack certain things because they will give them to me like diapers. 

thank you! 

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I last delivered there in Mar 2021 so someone else may have more recent info for you. But definitely bring multiple grocery bags to lug home all the stuff :)

1. Bring your own blanket & pillow - for the delivery & post birth. You'll wanna be comfy! Their blankets are thin and pillows are flat/lumpy.

2. What they provide for you (if you have a vaginal delivery): disposable underwear, pads, cold packs, perineum spray bottle, witch hazel wipes, large plastic water bottle - everything you need! Ask for extra supplies to bring home.

3. What they provide for your baby: diapers, wipes, little formula bottles (if you're having issues with breastfeeding or decide not to do it - they were super pushy so you have to really advocate for this if your baby needs it), lots of swaddle clothes. Again, ask for w/e extras you need to bring home! 

Good luck!

Waiting to get discharged from Alta Bates as I write this. You don’t need to bring anything for baby while you’re in the hospital as they will provide diapers, wipes, swaddles, hand expression kits, nasal bulbs, hats, etc. Just bring an outfit to go home in as well as car seat. For yourself they’ll provide gowns, pads, mesh underwear, socks, etc. The only things I used of my own were changed into my own nightgown after 24 hours, socks, slippers. 

our son was born at AB in november, they provided diapers, diaper ointment, breast pump & colostrum collection supplies, disposable underwear, pads, disposable cold packs for perineal recovery, a squeeze bottle for rinsing perineum, receiving blankets, a newborn hat, i think socks for me?? stuff we brought & used: the going home outfit for baby & the comfy clothes for me, a different squeeze bottle for perineum that had an angled neck because it was a little easier to use than the one they gave us, a friend gave it to me but i think it was frida mom brand; also used some witch hazel pad liners from frida mom for recovery. they also issued me their version of any meds i was taking as they didn’t want me taking my own meds from home, eg they gave me their flonase and claritin etc.

During your hospital stay they will provide formula and bottles, swaddles, diapers and wipes. You’ll need a car seat and an outfit for your baby to go home in. I’d also recommend bringing pacifiers. They will provide you with gowns and everything you need to recover (disposable underwear, pads, ice). They also gave me a basic toiletries kit and towels. You’ll need masks, an outfit to go home in, a phone charger, any personal toiletries, a robe if you’d like one, and I would recommend getting depends. 

I spent so much time trying to figure this out. Here’s what they provided when I gave birth there March 2020 & 2022: 

Ibuprofen - they give a prescription 

Stool softener - also give prescription

witch Hazel pads

dermaplast spray


mesh undies

perineum ice packs (these are great for at hospital but at home frida mom ones are better if you need ice. I swore my these my first delivery and didn’t touch them my second.)

Peri bottle (frida mom one is better) 

Extra hospital gowns 


When my baby was in the nicu, they had a Medela pump and provided bottles and all the pump parts, plus any cleaning supplies. A lactation consultant can make you a little temporary pumping bra (basically a tube top with holes cut into it. I loved it and used it for a month until it fell apart). 

hope that helps! Good luck! 

Had a c section there 5 months ago. They will give you mesh underwear, heavy duty pads, an abdominal binder if you had a c section, a “peri bottle” for cleaning and soothing delicate areas….there may have been more that I’ve forgotten. They also sent me home with a GIANT bag of these items, more than I ever used, but not sure if that is standard or because I asked the nurse for a few undies and she went a little overboard haha. Hope that helps!

Gave birth in Nov. 2022. AB provided:

  • Medela manual breast pump with two average sized flanges (I wanna say 24mm and 30mm?)
  • lanolin samples
  • Philips advent pacifiers
  • mesh underwear 
  • Menstrual pads
  • Blue disposable underpads
  • diaper cream
  • nasal aspirator
  • giant water bottle that they made sure was always filled :)
  • i asked for some ready-made formula bottles, and they gave me a pack of 4 or 6. Came in handy when hubs fed baby.
  • I asked for a gray washbin which I highly recommend, as I keep next to my sink to put baby’s dirty bottles and my pumping pieces until I have time to wash.
  • Did not provide diapers, but I also didn’t ask. Their diapers started at size 1 so I was glad I brought my own NB diapers.
  • they robed my baby in kimono top size 6-9(?) so glad I brought my own in NB size.
  • I took 2 hospital swaddles, and those have been handy for miscellaneous things where I didn’t want to use my “nice” swaddles.

It's been a while since giving birth there, but I remember getting: many swaddling blankets (take as many as you need), diapers, chuck cloths, the squeeze peri-bottle (don't forget to take it home!), bulb syringes, thermometers, toothbrush & toothpaste, the hospital stretchy underwear, large postpartum/menstrual pads, a large plastic drinking cup with straw and lid for hydration, samples of lanolin, multiple hats & a cotton long-sleeve shirt for baby, a teddy bear, (specific to my needs: a nipple shield and some tiny syringes & tubing for feeding from the lactation consultant). I also received the breast-pump that I had previously ordered & is covered by insurance. I brought my own Dermoplast spray. I can't remember if they also gave me some. For my first baby, I wish I had brought a small amount of some kind of simple skin oil (to remove tape adhesive) and anti-itch cream. (I had an allergic reaction to the tape adhesive, which caused a huge welt up my whole back wherever the epidural line was. They got me some hydrocortisone cream but it took forever--because it was prescription--while lying around there.) Remember that Whole Foods is right across the way, so your partner or relatives can run to get simple things there in a pinch.

I know that you are asking about physical items to help with the baby, but please don't miss out on the Alta Bates New Parent Support Group.  I cannot say enough good things about this resource and the woman who runs it.  It made a huge difference in my confidence, wellbeing, and happiness as a new mom.

I gave birth at Alta Bates a couple of years ago, so I would be interested in an updated list. But when I was there last, they provided diapers, wipes, baby blankets, hat, mesh underwear, cold packs, tucks pads, large water bottle, baby formula, no-slip socks. I found the quality of everything to be acceptable. The diapers are pampers brand. They also had a breast pump and all of the bottling supplies needed to give the baby the pumped milk. I'm currently pregnant and most of what I am packing is for labor or what I want to wear going home. I will be bringing shower shoes this time.

Hi. Congrats on your pregnancy! When I delivered at Alta Bates the items they provided were:

For mom: perineal disposable ice packs, pads, peri bottle, disposable panties, witch hazel/tucks pads, Dermoplast spray, 32oz water bottle, colostrum collection kit, nipple cream samples, sitz bath

For baby: Pampers newborn diapers, Sutter swaddle wraps, baby hats, baby formula

Just press the call button on your bed whenever you need items or have questions if they have anything they can provide for your care or the baby. The nurses are very kind and quick to respond. You're also allowed to take home all these items related to your care and the baby.

They gave me things like the really heavy pads for post partum bleeding as well as some disposable underwear. They give you an aspirator for the baby. They give you some baby blankets. They gave me some samples of nipple cream. I think there were a few other things. For all of these we found we could sort of take whatever we wanted. I asked for some extra pads when I left and they were happy to accommodate. 

I delivered in Dec 2022, in addition to what others said they will also provide belly band if you ask them. And like others said you will get almost everything for the stay.

Hi There - I gave birth to my baby at Alta Bates and the hospital provided a small amount of NB diapers, a handful of postpartum pads for bleeding, a peri bottle, a nose suction for baby and an awesome water bottle with a straw for me. I definitely supplemented extra supplies. Best wishes to you for a safe delivery ❤️

I gave birth there in Jan. What they provide in the requested categories:

post partum: mesh underwear, pads, witch hazel pads, numbing spray, stool softener pills, otc pain relief (tylenol or advil)

nursing: little tiny lanolin sample packets, if you ask for them or the nurse remembers to give them