Violin teacher for 7 year old? (Berkeley area)


I’m looking for a violin teacher for my 7-year old. We’ve been going to a very exacting teacher (Suzuki method) and I don’t think it’s quite the right fit for him. Despite having a lot of enthusiasm and a positive attitude, I think their particular teaching style is killing his spirit and interest. He’s willing to practice and tries his best, but I think he needs someone more warm, positive, and encouraging - he’s held back tears during lessons because he feels bad that he can’t get things up to the expected standard.
Suzuki or traditional would be preferred, but open to other styles, as long as the teacher is good with younger children.
Thank you so much!

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I want to recommend Irene Sazer, She's an amazing musician, warm and creative teacher, and all around great human being. If she's not teaching or doesn't have openings, she might be able to point you to another great teacher.

info [at] (isazer[at]me[dot]com)


My daughter has been taking lessons with KC Still for two years and she is fantastic. My daughter loves her. She is very warm and encouraging and keeps it fun. We’ve see younger kids at the recitals and they seem to be having a great time. Here’s her website:

I don’t know if Alameda is too far for you from Berkeley, but Starland is a great little music school. We are working with Judy and she’s a great, positive, enthusasitc, low-pressure violin teacher. 

I highly recommend Dennie Mehocich. My son took lessons from her for several years starting at around that age. She has a studio across the street from Fat Apples in Berkeley. Her phone number is 415-686-4110