Therapist for young adult's recent cancer diagnosis

Hi wise parents,

My young adult was recently diagnosed with cancer and would like some help navigating the emotional aspects of this new challenge.  Does anyone know of a compassionate therapist who has experience with these issues? We appreciate any referrals that you may suggest.

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This is not a therapist rec, but there are group support programs for young adults with cancer at the online community called 

First, I am so sorry your and your family are dealing with cancer. I can highly recommend Dr. Korie Leigh to help you and your young adult navigate the emotional aspects of dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Korie has vast experience working with children, young adults and families dealing with cancer and other illnesses and health issues. She is kind, compassionate and just an all around wonderful therapist for exactly this situation. She used to be in the bay area but relocated to New Mexico, so you'd have to be open to meeting remotely. If anything, she most likely can recommend someone in the bay area if zoom, etc isn't ideal. Here is her website. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Wishing you and your family healing. Here is her website:

Check for support groups through the center where your young adult is being treated. If you child is a woman, the Women's Cancer Resource Center is an invaluable local resource.

I'm so sorry about your child's diagnosis and hope that their treatment will go very well. I don't know what her experience is with cancer specifically, but I saw Zara Drapkin for help navigating issues relating to chronic illness, and she helped me tremendously. She is also willing to see patients over zoom if that helps. Best of luck to your family.

Hi there,

So sorry you are going through this. I recommend Laura Matthews. I worked with her taking care of oncology patients (I am a nurse practitioner and she is a clinical social worker). She also has her own practice and continues to specialize with people like your young adult.

Hope this helps! Thinking of you and your family during this time.