Summer Trades camp/classes for 15yr. old

Hello! My rising Oakland Tech sophomore is interested in the trades as a career. Are there any summer camps/classes he can take? I've been poking around the internet but not finding anything for his age group (a lot of these are for Juniors and Seniors) Any help is appreciated! Thanks! 

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I heard from a friend about Laney Summer Institute at Laney college designed specifically for high schoolers. Laney is planning to do it again this summer. I also think the high schoolers can take regular summer classes like Carpentry at community colleges. 

I am not aware of anything myself, but good for him and for you to help him learn more! I'd try reaching out to the local union(s) of the trades he might be most intrigued by at this point. They might be aware of/teachers for some one-off type camps or summer sessions.