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Hello BPN!

Well, my 15 year old will be completing her first year of High School next week and had an Absolutely Amazing Year! Now … what to do for the summer? She is headed to visit family for a week down south. But, nothing else is scheduled. What are your rising 10th graders doing this summer to keep busy and not become Couch Potatoes? My daughter is not old enough for a part time job just yet. By the time she turns 15.5 for a work permit, school will be starting again. Also, she is going to be in Honors Geometry next year any suggestions on how to get her “mind ready” for that? Gone are the Summer Workbook days LOL!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I always plan in 1 week of nothing at the start and 2 weeks of nothing at the end. So, she has plenty of time to be a “couch potato”.

Thanks So Much Village!

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This article came out just as my daughter turned 15: https://archive.nytimes.com/parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/what…

So, skeptically, I let my child "do nothing." That summer was surprisingly valuable for both of us. I learned to trust that she would not become a couch potato, and she learned a lot about her own interests, skills, and self-sufficiency. My daughter, all on her own, because I was at work all day, found friends and activities, such as rock climbing, ice skating, and hiking, that she could figure out public transportation and budgeting time and money. That summer really boosted her confidence and has had a lasting impact.

It may be too late for this Summer but GGNRA has a great paid HS Intern program for her age I believe. It was an exceedingly well run, interesting, and fun growth challenge for my daughter for 3 Paid summers. If I remember correctly their application deadline is January or February. Best of luck!