Speech Language Pathologist & OT Recommendations - Walnut Creek

Hi -- my husband and I are look for a reputable private Speech Language Pathologist and OT in the East Bay (we live in Walnut Creek). This is for our 3 yr old daughter. I'm not looking for advice on navigating the public school / IEP system - fully aware of that and have what I need there. Welcome any and all recommendations otherwise - thank you!

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We had a positive experience getting OT at Child's Play in Lafayette. This was during the pandemic, when our son was 8-9 years old and needed help dealing with really intense food aversions. (So I'm not sure how relevant that might be to your child's situation.) Our therapist was named Nikki Zader, and we absolutely loved her. She got to know our son really quickly and tailored the therapy to suit his personality and preferences in a way that was effective and really made us feel that she understood him. She truly helped him make progress.

Good luck!

Speech Inc in Oakland has nice speech pathologists. We didn’t continue since we found one closer to us/could provide in home therapy.