Spanish Language Tutor for High Schooler

Looking for Spanish language tutor for high schooler with basic vocabulary and grammar skills. North Oakland/Berkeley area. Any recommendations? 

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Esther Guerrero is the person you are looking for. I found her here in BPN and we couldn't be happier with her and the results. She's a native Spanish speaker, she taught in community colleges, and she is superb guiding teenagers and their families during the high school years. She creates a plan that discusses with the student/family and then, she implements it. She's based in Central Berkeley. Highly recommended! estherguerre [at] (estherguerre[at]yahoo[dot]com) 

Megan is a fabulous online or in person teacher/tutor; responsible, and creative. She is passionate about her students…we highly recommend. Megan is professional and empathetic; we also know many other families who are grateful for Megan. Ms. Soberanes. comes from a long line of “California Mexicans” in the East Bay.