Solar install on clay tile?

Looking for recommendations for a solar installer on an old clay tile roof.  Many contractors are unwilling to work on these roofs due to the tiles cracking and breaking when walked upon, so I'd love to get some help finding a good solar installer who's willing to work on this type of roof.  Thanks!

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We had solar installed on our tile roof about five years ago by Bill Wong at Interstate Roofing and Solar. They did a fantastic job, and I would highly recommend them. We needed to have the original (90 year-old) roof replaced and decided it was time to add solar while they were at it. They removed all the tiles, replaced the underlying felt material, installed solar panels, and put back the necessary tiles around the solar panels. 


Yes, West Coast Solar works with clay roofs. In fact, they have a roofing contractor license, which should give some reassurance that they are well-equipped to take this on. I used them for our home and recommend them highly. Try reaching out to Mike Kleeman at mikek [at] or 925-334-4959. He's a former roofer who know does residential solar for West Coast Solar and can talk you through the risks, options, etc. Let him know that Dan S. referred you.