Sending Unwanted Messages to BPN Subscribers

BPN subscribers may not send unwanted or unsolicited email to other subscribers. This is a violation of BPN's Privacy Policy and can result in your account being deactivated. BPN subscribers have the expectation that they will be networking with other local parents when they post on BPN, not subjecting themselves to criticism, marketing, or any other type of unwanted messages.  

Unwanted and unsolicited messages include:

  1. Sending complaints or criticisms to subscribers about their post. Example: If a parent posts an opinion in the Q&A newsletter that you disagree with, you may not send them a private message to argue with them or complain.  Instead post your own opinion.  If you think a post has violated a BPN policy, please contact the moderators and we will review the post.

  2. Sending subscribers information about your business that they did not specifically request, for example:
    • Messaging a parent who asked about family-friendly neighborhoods to offer your services as a realtor.
    • Contacting new parents who appear in the Welcome section to tell them about your infant clothing business.
    • Collecting email addresses from BPN newsletters to add to your mailing list.