Searching for Audiobooks on Self Esteem for Teens

I'm searching for self help audio books for a 15 year old teen that would help him build his self esteem and  develop habits to weather the teen years. 

Have you had any success in finding good titles that are suited for teens, are engaging  and bring results ? 

I'm turning to the BPN  community because you always have such knowledgeable and wise suggestions. 

Thank you for your advice. 

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So this isn't billed as a self-esteem book, but my daughter read it when she was 16 after I raved about, and it really helped her understand herself and other teens. In a way, I think that helped enormously with her self-esteem. It is "The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults," by Frances E. Jensen.  The author is a neuroscientist and single mom. I loved it and my daughter and I had good talks about it after she read it. The audiobook was very good.