School for bright 13YO with severe anxiety


I have a 13 years old, and still going through an IEP, for severe anxiety, he has a 3.8 GPA and very smart, currently was suggested to have an online school but I feel he is missing on being with kids same age, he is an awesome bass guitar player, do you know of any school that  has music or a program to accommodate him?

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Try Bentley school in lafayette. They have great personalized approach to learning and have  nuerodiversity club. They also have an amazing jazz band/music program and small class size-- at around 60-80 kids per grade in HS.

If the tuition is a factor definitely apply for their financial aid. Theres no harm in submitting and yoh may be surprised what you may qualify for.

Not sure if you are talking about high school- but if you are- Marin School if the Arts is a public school- kids from east bay commute there via carpool.  Tours for next year are happening now- thry have a rock band etc… lots of opportunities snd a warm community.  Good luck!  

Thank you so much!💕