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Update on maternity consignment

Dec 2010

The last posts on the topic are pretty old so I'm looking for current recs on where I can consign, sell or trade my used maternity clothes in the Berkeley area. Amy

Grove Street Kids in Berkeley on MLK

Looking for someone who buys maternity clothing

Feb. 2004

I've checked the listings and can't seem to find a current listing of any of the second hand shops that would buy (preferably outright and not consignment) used maternity wear. I'm also looking for updates on shops/buyers of second hand childrens clothes/toys/books. Thanks, recycle, reuse.

I believe Jaye at Fashion After Passion will strike a cash deal for a large enough amount of 2nd-hand maternity clothes (and/or children's clothing and equipment). 769-MOMS, in Alameda. Jennie

Child's Play on College between Elmwood and Rockridge. They take them on consignment but will donate anything that doesn't sell and they send checks monthly. I had success there - they took almost every piece. Just don't bring in things with a lot of wear or stains. anon

Fashion after Passion in Alameda buys maternity stuff -- and you can trade it for baby stuff, nursing bras/clothes, too! I highly recommend them. The owner there is very good about telling you what she will buy and what she won't, and fitting you for a nursing bra, if you need one (my breasts grew bigger after my baby had been nursing for a week or so and I had to buy more). Jennifer

There's a shop in Alameda called Fashion after Passion on Webster st. that buys your maternity clothes. They also buy/sell childrens clothes and toys. If you go on Sat (maybe Thurs and Fri also) midday, they will give you credit or cash same day. Call ahead for directions etc....they're in the phone book. cindy

Fashion After Passion will let you either sell or consign your maternity clothes. They sell brand new nursing bras as well as used baby clothes and gear, so I had a great experience unloading my clothes for things I really needed. They are on Webster in Alameda. Elizabeth

For sale of second-hand maternity items, try contacting:
1. Fashion After Passion, on Webster in Alameda (also takes toys and kid's clothes, either bought outright or for store credit)
2. Lauren's Closet, on Park in Alameda (very particular. Will also take kid's clothes)
3. Bearly Worn, in Walnut Creek (possibly on Broadway) (also takes kid's stuff)
and for Children's toys and clothes specifically, try Kid's Kloset, on the 10,000 block of San Pablo in El Cerrito, across from Marshal's (527-5200) or Darla's (San Pablo @ Stockton in El Cerrito). Christine

i believe Laurel's closet in Alameda buys maternity clothes - its mostly kids stuff but they have maternity too 1320 Park St. 510-865-2219 ilona

Maternity consignment?

June 2003

Hi. Does anyone know of a maternity consignment shop in the area? I've been trying to reach Us Kids - and Mom Too in Albany for several weeks but they don't answer their phone. I'm thinking that they must be out of business. Thanks! Lisa

Try Fashion After Passion in Alameda. The address is 1521 Webster Street, Alameda. The phone number is (510) 769-MOMS. They do maternity consignment and they buy maternity clothes for store credit.

Child's Play on College in Rockridge.
Cracker Jack - off Piedmont Ave near Peet's Coffee.
Fashion After Passion - Webster St. in Alameda.
I chose Cracker Jack and did quite well. Anon.

Child's Play on College Ave. sells maternity stuff on their 2nd floor. Lora's Closet, also on College Ave., also sells a few maternity items in the back of the store. Both of these stores are mainly children's clothing stores, but will take stuff that is in good condition. The owners of both stores are also easy to deal with, in my experience.

Crackerjacks in Oakland has a maternity consignment section. They're just off of Piedmont Avenue - 654-8844. Lauren's Closet on College Ave. in Berkeley (near Ashby) has a very small area with maternity consignment. Since their space is limited, they are very picky about what they take - only all natural fabrics, name brands and classic styles. Kim

July 2002

Any recommendations for a good consignment store to take my gently-used maternity clothes? Thanks! Ellen

I bought most of my maternity clothes from You might want to sell yours there. Catherine

Might try the Marketplace newsletter of the Parents Network. I see people posting there about that kind of thing all the time. Most of the baby resale shops take them too (Lauren's Closet comes to mind). Anon

You can take used maternity clothing to Lauren's Closet, on Park Street, in Alameda, although she's pretty picky. If your clothing sells, you can either get cash or trade for kid's clothes and toys. You can also take them to Fashion After Passion, on Webster Street, in Alameda. She's a little less picky and has lots and lots of baby clothes/toys/equipment that you can trade for. I also had good luck selling maternity clothing on Craig's List. In fact, I set up a little maternity boutique in my living room because I had so many responses! Susan

Try Laurel's (or Lauren's maybe?) Closet on College Avenue about one block north of Ashby. They are kind of picky though. You might also try a place on San Pablo (in Albany or El Cerritto I can't remember which) called Us Kids and Baby Too. nicole

Someone mentioned the store on San Pablo in Albany, Us Kids & Mom Too. (Or something like that title!) It is not my style to speak negatively of others in a public forum, but I had quite an unpleasant experience there ... -Selling my maternity clothes elsewhere

I just wanted to let people know that Us Kids & Mom Too in Albany has had a new owner for a few months now. She is much more pleasant and the store is tidier. The new owner also told me that she needs more maternity clothes for the store. I'd hate to see her go under because of the previous owner's personality (I had the same uncomfortable experience). When I heard that the store was changing hands, I waited until then to go back. It has been a nice change. cdea

Jan 2002

I've found Fashion After Passion (in Alameda; 769-MOMS) to have very high quality stuff and very fair prices. Thus, they can be very picky about the clothes they accept--absolutely no buttons missing, no tiny stains or rips. (seems fair to me.) Jaye, the main owner, is a kick in the pants. They also stock new and 2nd-hand maternity clothes, and have 7,000 nursing bras. I don't go anywhere else Jennie

my all-time favorite is bearly worn in walnut creek. it is a small space jam-packed with treasures. the items there are in great condition. i shopped there during my first and second pregnancies (maternity clothes, books, breast pump). i found great stuff (clothes, shoes, toys, diapers, formula, bouncy seat) for both my son and daughter. and i have also sold back to them (you get 40% cash up front or 60% credit). even though i live in oakland, i still find the drive there worthwhile. other stores i frequent are: they grow so fast in lafayette, and lauren's closet (alameda, lafayette, and berkeley). these are all pretty good. suzie

From: Kelli

There are a number of second hand stores that carry maternity clothes. They would probably take them on consignment for you, if they are in good shape. Off the top of my head, I have seen them at Lillian's on College Ave. near Rockridge Bart and at Lauren's Closet in Lafayette (and Alameda, I think).

From: Christina (2/97)

There is a used maternity clothing store a little further north on San Pablo from where It's a Big Deal used to be. It's called Us Kids and Mom Too -- 567 San Pablo Ave., Albany. (I'm looking in the phone book here.) It's on the other side of the street from the former Big Deal. I haven't been there myself, but a friend found a few things there ...

In the last digest, someone recommended the place, Us Kids and Moms too on San Pablo just past Solano. Whoever goes there should realize that the prices are very high, and although the owner says she will buy back stuff you get there if it is in good shape, she is not very generous! i.e. I bought a dress there for what I thought was a lot of money, $50, and she was only willing to give me $5 when I brought it back to sell to her (it was in impeccable condition). I felt that the prices were high and she was not really honest about her buy-back policy.

Jo Anne

From: Dawn (3/97)

Hi there! I'm finally catching up on my e-mail after a month away (subsequent to delivering my wonderful daughter Allegra on Feb. 2). Regarding Used Maternity Clothes, I have a couple of comments:

Someone complained that Us Kids and Mom Too was expensive, and failed to buy back clothing at reasonable prices. I've only had experience with the purchasing end of this so far, but I agree that her prices seemed high to me. She also said something to me that indicated that she might be considering closing up shop soon, though I'm not sure when that might be. My impression was that she is burned out.

Other stores that I have purchased stuff from include two in Alameda on Park: Fashion After Passion (you gotta love the name!), and another outlet of Lillian's.

Bay Area Baby has a list of other places to buy Maternity and Baby stuff, and tells whether they are used, new or both.

From: Mary 9/96 Re. buying and selling of maternity clothes: There's a store called Crackerjacks which buys and sells maternity and childrens' clothing on consignment. It's located off Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Sorry that I can't remember the name of the street. I'm sure that it's in the phone book. From: Dianna 9/96 Re: Used maternity clothes When I got pregnant I went to Rockridge Rags, a used women's clothing store on College near Rockridge BART. They had a very small maternity section, but I did manage to find a couple of blouses. You might also try Goodwill on University and the Salvation Army on Solano. They probably have a few things, and many of their clothes are in very good shape, in addition to being quite cheap. Good luck,

Sept 1996 I have found certain shops and catalogs to be a good source of crossover clothing (though mostly not used, and therefore more somewhat expensive). Tienda Ho on Telegraph has great clothes with elastic waists and free-flowing silhouettes (and they almost always have a sale rack). The Red Rose Catalog has a couple of nice swing-tops (A-line-shaped) tops and similar dresses. And there's a shop on Telegraph between Ashby and Alcatraz called Seams to Fit that sells large-size used clothing which can often be made to work (Note: they have some sizes down to 14; these tend to end up on the sale rack, since most people don't really think of that as large). Mervyns and Target both have maternity clothes (including swim suits) for relatively inexpensive prices. Motherhood (at Hilltop and other places) is usually very expensive, but they have a sale rack with some great deals (pants for $12, for instance). I think there may be a shop on University that does infant and maternity used clothing sales. I'd love to know if someone really knows! Dawn (in my fifth month and growing....) Dawn