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Where to find affordable comfortable maternity clothes

Aug 2009

The time has come to start thinking about maternity clothes. I am looking for any advice about where to find affordable, comfortable, and quality maternity wear. Information about used clothes/resale stores is also appreciated, as well as any relevant information about what were your must have items and/or anything that you think is not worth buying. Growing mom to be

A Wee Change consignment store at Palos Verdes shopping center in Walnut Creek carries nice quality, current maternity clothes.

I had my pregnancies in my 40's and had a home business and was then a teacher. Depends on your lifestyle, but for me, the outfit I wore the most was a good looking set of upscale ''sweats'' in an unusual color (periwinkle) with a sort of cowl necked top. With a necklace they were ''dressed up.'' I bought a suit jacket but only wore it once. A bathing suit was a good buy and I used it for the pregnant moms' aquatic class at the YMCA which I loved. I think I had one nicer black dress, but rarely wore it. A friend's daughter passed on black and khaki maternity pants and capris, which I could wear loose tops over. I bought most of my things at a consignment shop on San Pablo Ave. in El Cerrito. I highly recommend asking recently pregnant friends, shopping consignment, etc. It is really such a short time to wear things (usually months 4-9)and if you are more slender, perhaps less than that. I also shopped Hannah's on Solano Ave. for consignment baby clothes. She is very nice and as the baby outgrew his things, I packed them up and took them to her for store credit. BIG money saver. kl

I will preface this message by saying that I tried to spend as little as possible on maternity clothes, since I figured they were for such a relatively short time of my life, even with multiple pregnancies. Plus I was able to share amongst friends who were fortunately the same size. In general, I would say that it's worth it to get a few good pairs of pants, because you'll wear those all the way through and they can go with most anything, but you can probably get more and cheaper shirts to keep some variety. You can probably survive with only 1-2 nice shirts, skirts or dresses, depending on your job. It's common that women can wear some clothes from ~4-7 months (which you can also use again for the first couple months after the baby's born, as unfortunately your stomach's about the same then!), and then may need some more things at the very end when you're hugest.

So if you want somewhat cheap, but still durable and pretty fashionable clothes, this is what I found:

1) You can shop for used clothes at Fashion After Passion in Alameda. People will also sell things on BPN, but it's often ''buy the whole bag'' for a certain price and you have to correspond to figure out if you like the things.

2) I got many things at Gap Maternity online (the online store has much better selection than what's in stores), Old Navy and Mimi Maternity. I bought most things on sale, because in the Bay Area I think you can wear many ''seasonal'' things yearround. Motherhood (the cheaper branch of Mimi) is cheap as well, but that seems to also be reflected in the quality of clothes.

3) For a slight splurge, Mom's the Word (SF and Walnut Creek) has good and hip inventory. I got most of my pants there (see above rule). I found Pea in the Pod too expensive to be worth it. Cheap mama

Fashion after Passion in Alameda. Child's Play in Oakland on College Ave at Chabot. These have consignment maternity.

Walnut Creek... Broadway Plaza... Mimi Maternity (I think). Emeryville... Bay Street Shopping Area... Mimi Maternity (across from the Gap stores). Corte Madera... Gap Maternity. Online places. For new stuff.

And my fave.... Craigslist. You will find great stuff for AWESOME deals. I sold most of my maternity wardrobe on CL and it was great stuff in great shape and went for a song. There are lots of postings for maternity wear there. anon

I recommend the following for maternity clothes: Both GAP and Old Navy have maternity lines and carry at least some items in some of their stores. I know the GAP in SF Union Square has maternity in-store, and I just saw the Old Navy on Bay Street in Emeryville does, too. I had good luck with the sale items at GAP and I really liked being able to try things on before purchasing, I am not a big fan of buying clothes online.

Also, there are two stores in Alameda with Maternity resale - Fashion after Passion and Lauren's Closet. I have gotten some good items from each place. Other than that I also got items from Motherhood and friends. anon

Hip and stylish maternity clothes

Dec 2008

I am looking for some new recommendations as to places to get some stylish maternity clothing for working in a professional office, as well as for the holidays. I love fashion in general, and have been stretching my wardrobe to stay away from maternity stores as long as possible, but at 5 months, I have to admit defeat and buy something maternity. The most recent posts on BPN are from 2003-4 and recommend Gap, Old Navy and Target. However, I'm not prepared to spend the next four (plus) months in stretchy yoga pants and T-shirts. Can anyone recommend places to buy fashionable maternity clothes(possibly an oxymoron)? Price is less of an issue, as I feel my 'fat time' is not the time to limit myself to bargain shopping. I am a regular size 'Medium'-- 8 on the bottom, 10 on the top. Thank you! pregnant fashionista

Maternity Xchange is great. Mostly high-end brands. Better selection than I expected. www.maternityxchange.com SF Presido this weekend I think! Check the site.

Hi- I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and a self admitted clothes horse...here is where I have had good luck (other than Old Navy & Target which are definitely worth a walk through):

-Mimi maternity/Pea in the Pod-I think they are merging. Mimi is more moderate in price point, but some very cute options. Pea in the Pod is high end designer and not always true ''maternity'', but will work -Japanese Weekend in SF can have some cute things, but often they are a yucky poly and after 3 pregnances, I have decided natural, especially organic fabrics just feel so much better -Mom's the Word in Walnut Creek -Babystyle on line -Nordstrom on line -Lucky Brand jeans-cute tees -Chaiken does maternity and is pricey, but very professional in style and great quality
Just a few of the places I've done well...I have also recently bought a GREAT pair of maternity pants from the company that makes Bella Bands. Super comfy, but more along the legging line than professional. Good luck!! Preggy shopper

Well, you can spend a small fortune at maternity boutiques in SF or even at Mimi Maternity and look pretty good. If you don't want to go broke on clothes that you'll only wear for a few months, look for consignment stores that specialize in higher end maternity, and then head out on 80 towards Sacramento -- there's a maternity store in the outlet mall in Vacaville, and there are often some very nice things there at reasonable prices. And of course, there's always the internet. Don't forget that you're also probably going to have to spring for a pair or two of shoes in the next size up. tightwad

My favorite maternity clothes were from Japanese Weekend; check their website. stylin' mama

Used Maternity Clothing in Berkeley?

May 2008

Hello! I recently heard of a place that sells used maternity clothing in the Berkeley area and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the place. I have searched the archives and nothing is ringing a bell. Does anyone know of what place I speak? Thanks so much... Momma-to-be!

Check out Grove Street Kids on Martin Luther King near Virginia (just north of University). It's a beautiful store with used kids' clothes, and now they've also added a lot of maternity clothes. Good prices, nice owner, great clothes! Star

I hope your asking about our store, Grove Street Kids. We have recently started selling quality resale maternity clothing. Please visit our website, www.grovestreetkids.com, or come by.... Anne Marie, Owner, Grove Street Kids

Maternity swimsuit for laps

Dec 2004

I'm looking for a serious maternity swimsuit for laps- nothing cutesy. I've had no luck finding Speedo or TYR. Is there a good store around Berkeley or SF? Websites or brands? Thanks.

I have been swimming laps my whole pregnancy and had to give up my ''lap'' suit pretty early. I have two suits - one from Japanese Weekend (bought on line on sale) that I love but its not at all speedo like - its actually a tankini but very comfy and works surprisingly well for laps. I also got a used one at Fashion After Passion on Webster Street in Alameda. I tried on a few new ones - I think they were addidas - and none fit. I ended up with a one piece that has been really comfortable and seems to just keep expanding with my belly. It did seem *huge* when I bought it but now that I am just about 30 weeks I am starting to fill it out. I would go the resale route as new seems to run in $70 - $90 range. Laurens closet on park street in alameda also has quite a few used suits. good luck

With both my pregnancies I wore a two piece bathingsuit very comfortably. I would just increase my top size from a medium to a large when my boobs kept getting big. I managed to wear the same bottoms which fit nicely under my belly. The unadorned pregnant belly is something to be proud of! Let it all hang out

Affordable Maternity Wear?

Nov. 2003

Any advice on affordable places to find/purchase both casual and somewhat nicer maternity clothes in the area? Thank you. Happy pregnant lady

I'm currently pregnant and have found that Old Navy has the most reasonable prices and is actually pretty stylish too. Great jeans. The Old Navy at Bay Street has a small maternity section. You might also try Target. I got a few outfits there early on. The Gap at the Embarcadero Center has a maternity section but I haven't been. I've bought some things on-line from them. Mimi Maternity (Bay Street) has nice clothes but is quite pricey. I've found some good things on sale there though. If you have any friends who have been pregant recently you might want to ask them if you can borrow some of their clothes. A significant section of my maternity wardrobe is made up of items lent from friends.

I am in my last month of my pregnancy and the best places that I have found for maternity clothes so far are Old Navy, the Gap and Target. You can purchase them online and some stores carry maternity clothes as well. Right now the only Old Navy that carries maternity clothes in the store is Emeryville and the only Gap is Corte Madera. Both the Gap and Old Navy have wide selections from casual to business dress. Target is great for casual or workout clothes and they have great prices. I have found that Mimi is very expensive, but great if you need to find something dressy or formal. I did not care for Motherhood. I hope this helps. 4 more weeks to go!

Well believe it or not in my two pregnancies I had the best luck shopping at Sears in Pleasanton for Materinity clothes. They had the best range of sizes (pants in both long, regular and petite lenghts, real size #'s instead of just S,M,L) as well as the best quality. (They were regular weight fabrics, not the super thin-shinks-up-the first-time-you-wash-it types I have found at Motherhood or the other maternity stores. And personally, I felt that the clothes there fit better than those I purchased at other maternity stores. The prices on materinity clothes are always IMO higher than you would pay for regular, regardless of where you shop. But at least at Sears I felt like I wasn't getting ripped off; by the end of the pregnancy the items still looked good enough to wear. Rose

Here is where I have had luck finding maternity clothes within the last few months. I have found prices at all to be what I consider reasonable (less or at least not more than I would spend on regular clothes).

The BabyGap at Embarcadero Center has a small maternity section. Also, if you order from Gap.com, returns can be made to any Gap store and if you join their emailing list, you often get emails for free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

The Old Navy stores in Emeryville and near 4th St. in SF both have maternity. The SF selection is quite a bit larger. Orders from Oldnavy.com can be returned to any store and if you join their emailing list, you often get emails for free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

Japanese Weekend is located at Powell and Sutter in SF. A little more expensive, but good for less casual items. The sales people were extremely helpful and friendly. Also available on line at japaneseweekend.com.

My current favorite is babystyle.com. They have a mix of casual and dressier items. A store is opening in Burlingame on Nov 26.

Other stores I have heard about but not bought anything from are Nordstrom (carry Belly Basics), Mini's (near Union Street in SF), and Mom's the Word (in Walnut Creek and SF). Happy shopping!

Old Navy has good, fairly cheap and cute maternity clothes, particularly if you shop the sales at their online site. You can also get their stuff in the Emeryville and downtown San Francisco stores if you want to try it on, but the selection there is limited & not on sale as often. Gap.com also has nice stuff but more expensive--again shopping the online sales is the way to go. You have to pay for shipping but there are often pop-up window specials that discount or eliminate shipping charges. You can return anything you buy online at any Gap or Old Navy store for free

Target also has some pretty good stuff--sometimes limited size selections-- vs

I picked up a few items at Lara's Closet on College Ave. They are a kids consignment shop but they did have some great maternity clothes. I found a fleece jacket, pants, dress, etc. Motherhood at Stoneridge Mall (Pleasanton) also has some great buys.

I highly recommend Target; the prices are very reasonable and the clothes are cuter and more like what you might want in nonmaternity clothing than you'll find most places. I got the most wear out of what I bought there. Old Navy (Bay Street in Emeryville) has great styles at good prices, too; they just added maternity to their in-store offerings. Also try Motherhood Maternity (there's one in Walnut Creek and one in the Hilltop Mall), which is under the same umbrella as Mimi Maternity and A Pea in the Pod, but more affordable. I found a few great items on sale at Mimi Maternity at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, and Mimi's is a good place to go for nicer things if you need to dress up for work or a party. I tried Cracker Jack off of Piedmont Ave. in North Oakland and A Child's Place on College Ave. for used clothing but didn't have any luck with fit; their prices were okay, though. And for nursing bras, which you won't want to skimp on, check out Mom's the Word on N. Main St. in Walnut Creek--the salespeople are excellent for helping determine what styles and fit are appropriate. Anne

i had my baby this past june, and bought most of my maternity clothes at gap, old navy and japanese weekend, and they'll all have end of the year sales. japanese weekend was my favorite store and is in san francisco on post at powell--it's expensive but has good sales. their pants have a waistband that goes under your belly (as opposed to a panel) and i found this more comfortable. and the clothes look like real clothes! also in SF, the baby gap at embarcadero and old navy on market street have maternity clothes--and i believe some of their other stores may carry then now too. i bought a lot of gap online and only had to return a couple things. mimi maternity also has nice clothes (more work-type clothes), but it's pretty expensive. i went to the one in walnut creek. good luck with your pregnancy! eowyn

Guess what? I loved being pregnant too. AND, I love shopping for bargains and great clothes at great prices. Try some of these:

2nd Hand stores: Fashion After Passion or Lauren's Closet - both in Alameda; Child's Play & Lora's Closet - both on College; Goodwill gets Liz Lange new with tags from Target sometimes - on San Pablo.

New: Target, Old Navy (store in SF or Emeryville - or online), Gap online, Ross Dress 4 Less. Fashion Mama

You'll probably get a LOT of responses to this. :)

I have some slip dresses (professional look) and blouses (an ''office'' look) and some casual stuff. Email me for pictures. Kathy

I often found non-materity wear to be the best option.

I bought several Weston Wear and BCBG dresses while pregnant and found that they not only stretched and stretched to full-term, they shrunk and shrunk with me to pre-pregnancy (sort of) size. I received many a compliment on them (still do) and they were very comfortable. Although boutique prices can be higher, Macy's often has large sales so you can get them for a bargain.

''A Step Forward'' on Piedmont Avenue (near Piedmont Grocery) also has fairly inexpensive ''stretchy'' skirts, tops and dresses (and shoes that will stretch with your feet!)

Good luck! This is a special time to feel beautiful! Tracy

I did the majority of my maternity shopping about 18 months ago. I lived in Old Navy. Super cute stuff and so cheap! Now Old Navy and Gap now have maternity in most stores. You can also shop on line for some great bargains. I also got some cute basics a Target. They now have Liz Lange so its probably even bettter.

When I need someting fancier and a bit better fitting (like a bathing suit or something to wear out) I was very happy a Japanese Weekend. They have a store in SF off Union Square (Post street?) and online.

Good places to buy maternity clothes: on-line, try Gap and Old Navy for good basics. I liked the quality of the Gap stuff better, but the Old Navy stuff is really cheap. Someone got me a couple things from JC Penny maternity and they were actually decent-even more so- I got compliments. Strange but true. I have friends that swear by Motherhood, but their clothes didn't fit me well. Japenese Weekend and Pea in a Pod are nice but super expensive. In Emerville there is a Mimi Maternity that is really great but also super expensive. There is a very limited selection of maternity clothes at Cotton and Co. and The Nurture Center in Lafayette. I got almost everything on- line just because there is a better selection offered, with better prices than most of the stores. Rebecca

I got a lot of my clothes used at places like Lora's Closet (on College Ave.)and Child's Play (also on COllege). Old Navy has nice, inexpensive maternity (In Emeryville mall) and there is also a maternity store at the same mall (I forgot the name- Pea in the Pod?) - they have pretty good sale items, but their regular priced items are pretty expensive. By the way, I happen to be selling my maternity clothes- variety of styles, mostly size medium. email me if you are interested. aw

For the person looking for up to date maternity clothes info, I'm currently 32 weeks along, and have had good luck with Motherhood Maternity. Its a chain - locations on Market Street & 4th in SF, one in Walnut Creek, and I think one in Richmond - might want to check at yp.yahoo.com to find one closest to you. They're very inexpensive, on par with the GAP, but with any less expensive retailer, you have to keep an eye out for quality of materials & construction. I found some black matte jersey pants I LOVE for $20 a pair - so comfy and incredibly good looking that I bought 2 pairs, and get compliments on them all the time. I think the best favor you can do yourself is to find some nice looking wide-elastic-waist paints that flatter your legs & rear end - huge ego booster! I also found some adorable (not flowery or foofy, but elegant) dresses there and some good tops that have become staples for me, and are nice enough to wear to work.

Also had some luck (very hit or miss) with Old Navy - good for t- shirts ($15?), comfy shorts and the occasional nice skirt. A friend highly recommends Target, and I did find a great turtleneck & nice t-shirt there the other day (Liz Lange - $20 each).

For more pricey items and smaller sizes (go up to 12, I think), you could try Pea in the Pod and Mimi Maternity, but that's a bit small for me, and I was frankly disappointed with both shops given the prices. I think dresses START at $98, but did occasionally see more stylish pieces there. Try their sale racks?

Early on, I also recommend just buying a size up from your normal size (since you'll be able to wear it again on the way back down). This is especially important for underwear -- I recommend bikini-style, since they'll potentially fit you all the way through and won't slide around or pinch like giant maternity briefs. I bought in my usual size early on, and have only had to go up one size since (think they'll work through to the end). Also, for early on, try plus size shops like Lane Bryant (unless you started out as a size 2 or something) since they tend to cut the bellies full anyway & have some nice, stylish pieces that go on sale often. Just realize that you can't wear normal plus size clothes instead of maternity clothes beyond probably 6 or 7 months - there will come a point when you will look like a shapeless potato sack (or, frankly, just a heavy woman) if you don't switch to maternity cut clothes.

Congratulations and good luck! Rebecca

Sorry for getting this in so late-just saw your post. I have gotten most of my maternity clothes at baby consignment/2nd hand stores. Two of my favorites are Play It Again (I think that's what it's called)in San Rafael on 4th street-good selection and Barely Worn in Walnut Creek-sometimes have a lot of the trendy stuff (located kind of behind the very trendy, expensive ''Mom's the Word'' maternity store on Main I think - several blocks down from Pottery Barn). As with any store like this you sometimes score big and sometimes strike out. And their stock changes from week to week and day to day. The Goodwills (et al) of the world are usually not so good since they mix the maternity in with the other 2oo pairs of pants or shirts. I buy second hand because I can't stand the idea of spending $15, $20, $30, or more for a single item I will only wear for 3-6 months. And since the 1st owner only wore the item for the same short time span the maternity stuff in 2nd hand stores is usually in great condition. Keep this in mind also while shopping for clothing for your little one. Bargain Hunter

I like the Eddie Baurer outlet in San Leandro. I baought shirts in the next size up but in tall to cover the belly. a

Formal Maternity Dress for a Wedding

September 2003

Help! I will be attending a wedding at 8 months pregnant. Where can I find an attractive, formal dress to wear that won't break the bank since it'll only be worn once (I'm thinking less than $100).

I was the maid of honor at my sister's wedding last Sept when I was 7 months pregnant. After way too much searching I had found outfits that would work at 2 sources. One place was Motherhood, that chain store in the mall. I got a skirt and blouse of the same material and received many, many compliments on it. I was able to wear the top again with slacks for nicer ocasions or even jeans at parties. The skirt and blouse together came to $70.

The other pleasant discovery was the JC Pennys catalog - they have a really cool and affordable maternity collection online (www.jcpennys.com). You can also pick up a maternity catalog at the JC Pennys store at the mall or request one from their website. I think the hard copy catalog had more stuff. The selection at the store itself is not good. Just order things ahead of time so you have time to exchange if necessary -- the stuff I ordered ran big.

I also saw some really affordable black skirts via a google search and was also going to spend more money on a nice top and match it up with a cheaper skirt. anon

I was 8 months pregnant for a friend's wedding last year and bought a cute Alfred Angelo design. Don't know how formal you want to go, but when I researched formal wear/bridal shops, I found that to be the only designer who had a maternity style. It is a size 10 (maternity style is roomier in all the right places) and was altered lengthwise (I'm 5'3''). If you are interested in buying or renting, please let me know. I only wore it once. Can send digital pic... Japanese Weekend (Union Square) also has some great dresses, but can be kinda pricey. They always have some good things on sale though... Good luck! Dawn

---- Depends on how formal the wedding is, but the Liz Lange line at Target is pretty cute, inexpensive enough that if you get only one use out of that you don't care. There used to be a place that rented formal maternity wear, though I don't remember who it is: Probably if you look in the phone book you'll find it. Anon.

Try Mimi Maternity in Emeryville. The address is 5683 Bay Street. There is also one in Walnut Creek. Another store to try is called A Pea in The Pod located in San Francisco. Good Luck NW

I didn't see your original post so I am not sure what you are looking for in the way of a dress, but I just put a bunch of nice maternity clothes(some never worn--including an outfit I bought for a wedding) on consignment at Laura's Closet in Alameda. They have a lot of nice things at very good prices, not to mention the baby clothes! I would recommend going consignment b/c ususally thenicer clothes have only been worn once if at all and it's a fraction of the original price. That said, I bought most of my dressy maternity outfits at Motherhood, their prices are very reasonable...and if you feel like taking a drive...they have an outlet in Vacaville. I bought a goreous maternity evening gown for a rediculous price...like $15....good luck. anon

Hip & inexpensive maternity clothes

April 2003

I've looked on the website but all the recommendations are old (circa 1999). Where have you found hip (or at least not too dowdy) maternity clothes, ideally without costing an arm and a leg? Also, any advice on maternity clothes that are also nursing clothes, as I am nursing a toddler -- I'd love to find a not-too- summery dress in particular. I know of Laura's Closet on College but their selection is small. I'd be willing to drive to an outlet store (I think I've heard of one in Gilroy?) if the selection and prices made it worth while. Thanks!
Old pants too tight and shirts too short

For new-but-cheap options I'd check Motherhood Maternity and Target. Both carry some cute/hip/stylish options at fair prices. I'd be a little bit wary of some items at Motherhood Maternity, as the construction on items can be hit-or-miss. I had some things that held up great (capris, sleeveless buttondowns) and others that did not (dresses). Another spot that has some good buys is Old Navy, but they only carry their maternity wear online. However, you can return anything to an Old Navy store. Hope these help! Melissa

Have you looked at Target? I bought some maternity clothes there that were quite hip, and I think they've since added a new line that's a little more designer-y than the ''in due time'' label they had when I was pregnant. It's by some big-name maternity designer, but it's cheaper than her other line. Of course, Target's clothing is mostly made overseas, and I don't know how closely their factories have been monitored on sweatshop issues. As for the nursing/maternity combo I can't claim any expertise: I just used loose t-shirts as my nursing shirts, since I found them more comfortable, cheaper, and easier to wash than the nursing blouses I saw (not to mention more ''hip'' looking, though admittedly that was low on my list of postpartum priorities). Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy. Alexa

I found decent stuff at Motherhood in Walnut Creek - not extremely expensive either (particularly the sale section) and supposedly it's the same company as Mimi's. Kitty

I bought most of my maternity wardrobe from Old Navy & Gap. The flagship Old Navy in SF had a maternity section last summer (I think the plan then was to roll out maternity in more stores), where I got a great pair of black ''yoga pants.'' Wore them all the time, and not just yoga! They won't last through #2, but totally worth it for $20. Gap is a little more expensive, but they have great sales online, you can return for free if it doesn't fit, and they often feature free shipping. Simple, stylish t-shirts, shorts, and pants. Good luck! Amy

The Old Navy store on Market St. in San Francisco has a whole maternity wear section. So if you want to look like a teenager... ;) Christine

When I was pregnant from October 1999 to July 2000 I found what I thought were a lot of cute and reasonably priced maternity and nursing clothes at Motherhood Maternity. They have stores in malls, catalogs and are online (www.motherhood.com). But since I had my daughter, both Old Navy and Gap have come out with maternity lines of clothing. Now Gap can be pricey, but Old Navy sure isn't. And we all know Old Navy is way hip! In general, I found that when it comes to maternity clothes, you can find both hip/stylish and 'dowdy' stuff. Just have to look. Jennifer

Target (believe it or not) is a great source for fashionable, inexpensive maternity clothes. My currently pregnant friends all rave about the new Liz Lange line. Maternity-nursing clothes are hard to find, but many of Motherwear's dresses are empire-waisted and could be worn during pregnancy. (www.motherwear.com) Pricey, but what nursing clothes aren't? Try eBay for good deals on used and outlet stock. Holly

For hip and reasonable maternity clothes, try Old Navy online (they always have sale merchandise at great prices, the cuts are great and the clothes are washable!) and also Target stores. I heard that the new Old Navy store in Emeryville also actually has the maternity clothes in the store, which we formerly only available through the website. also there are consignment stores that have nice stuff, lots of times along with children's clothes. I found some second hand very nice clothing at Child's Play in Rockridge, at College Ave and Chabot. People also sell lots of maternity stuff on ebay. At least one pair of jeans from Gap Maternity are worth the splurge. cheryl

While the selection is not huge in any of the places I am going to reccommend they may be worth checking out. I was able to find quite a few items at Ross. There is a Lauren's Closet on Park Street in Alameda that usually has some selection; Fashion After Passion on Webster in Alameda also generally has something of a selection of both nursing and maternity wear.Some cheap items are available at the Gap and Old Navy. Good luck! Juliette

I like the maternity clothes at Old Navy. I'm not sure if they carry maternity items at all their stores ... they definitely do at their big store on Market in SF and at Old Navy.com. I also bought a couple of things from Gap.com, and I got a $10 pair of jeans at Sears (not really hip, but cheap). I found a swimsuit at Mimi Maternity, which has some trendy things but at much higher prices. Kathryn

For used maternity clothes, try Child 'n Play on College Ave in Rockridge, kitty corner from Dreyer's Ice Cream. For new clothes, try Old Navy in either SF or Emeryville. The SF store has a large maternity section and I recently bought two pairs of pants and a top for about $60 total. Target also carries a new lower-end Liz Lange line, as well as lots of basics -- I think the Walnut Creek store has the best selection. The Gap in downtown SF may sell maternity clothes by now (call first), but you should also check out their sale section online.

There are Motherhood outlets (carries both Motherhood and Mimi Maternity stuff) in both Milpitas at the Great Mall (off 880) and in Gilroy. I recently scanned the selection at the Gilroy store but was not impressed with their regular selection. The nicer brands they carry tend to be slightly damaged, so if you can deal with a snag or make-up staiins, you might be able to find stuff you like at a good price. Good luck! Teresa

I lived in Target maternity clothes. I thought that one could have great outfits from there if one selected carefully, and their prices, especially on sale, aren't much more than the used stores. I found, surprisingly, that the store near the EC Del Norte BART station has about the same selection (if not as neatly organized) as the one near Hilltop. I didn't ever go to Walnut Creek, but that is probably much better. Melissa T

After spending a bundle at Mimi Maternity for my first pregnancy...I went to Target for my second pregnancy. I found cute stretch khakis for $19.99, black peddle pushers for $21, T- shirts under $14 etc. Also, the expensive M.M. clothes I bought looked awful by the end of my pregnancy from all the washing and wearing, but the Target stuff looked great(even after a couple girlfriend's wore them after me!). I also hit the GAP for L/XL women's shirts/turtle necks on sale ($9.99-$19.99) to get me through the winter. Good luck! Maya

Try onehotmama.com anon

I loved target's maternity clothes, and they just updated their maternity line which is now from Liz Lange(?) and cuter than before! i don't recommend buying the denim though, because it's not stretchy and even though it had the belly panels, my butt outgrew them! hehe i usually shop at the el cerrito store...

also, old navy has maternity clothes, and the SF Union Square store has them in house (you don't have to buy online). Gap maternity is ok, but expensive - look for sales at their online store cuz their clearence is great! good luck! stacy

Try Target -- the one in Pinole is MUCH better than the one in El Cerrito. You can find some good things there -- they won't last forever, but then again you won't be pregnant forever. Japanese Weekend in the city has ''hip'' clothes but much more expensive. The other place I found nice maternity clothes was Garnet Hill online. They have really good sales. anon

Plus Size Bra and Maternity Clothes

May 2004

I am a newly pregnant plus size (5'8'', 240lbd.) woman. In my non pregnant state I wear a size 20-24 bottom, a size 18-20 top, and my bra size is a 38DDD. If anyone knows where can I find attractive stylish plus size maternity clothes to wear for reasonable prices I would be forever greatful. I am also wondering where I am going to find bras to fit me, as I understand my breasts are going to get much larger than they already are. Any advice, recomendations or support will be welcome.

I'm behind on my emails & maybe someone's already said this, but, Target! Inexpensive but decent, stylish maternity clothes, in your size. As for the bras, I got mine for both pregnancies at the Perinatal Center at the hospital where I gave birth (California Pacific in S.F.) It's a complete pre-and post- pregnancy center with all kinds of clothes, equipment, videos, books, etc., as well as professionals to help you pick and choose the right stuff (and bra size & type) for you. I bet there's something in the East Bay, but this place was great. It's on California St. near Laurel Village Shopping Center in the city. Also, the guy who invented My Breast Friend nursing pillow owns the same type of store, called Day One, that's just up the street, across from the shopping center. They can also fit and sell nursing bras that I bet would fit you. Congratulations! heidi

I just ordered my favorite pre-pregnancy bra in my post- pregnancy size. The bra has amazing support, helps my posture, looks great under clothes, and does not have an underwire. However, it definitely is not pretty or cheap ($69). It's a ''custom- sized'' bra, from Colesce Couture. THere used to be a salesperson in Sacramento, but this time I ordered the bra from a woman in Oklahoma. Her website is www. brasetc.com The phone # is (405) 645-2727. There was an 800#, but I can't find it right now. According to her, the bras she sells come in band sizes from 26 to 52 and full and half cup sizes from A to N. Unfortunately because she runs a small-business, she cannot offer refunds, only exchanges; so you may want to ask her to send you info about the bras before you buy one. The bras are meant to fit well, so you should ask her how to plan ahead for pregnancy-related changes. Anita

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Definitely check out ebay for plus-size maternity clothes - there are a lot of things there! If you want to go to stores, Motherhood Maternity and Sears have decent things that aren't too expensive. For bras, check out http://www.motherwear.com (I'm not sure what size they go up to, but you can search by size). Good luck! Heather

When I was pregnant three years ago, the best selection of plus-size maternity clothes was at the Motherhodd Maternity outlet in Gilroy. Sears also had a relatively good selection. anon

for bras, you can try Fassion After Passion on Webster Street In Alameda. They have a pretty good selection of plus sized nursing bras. They also have some consignment of maternity clothes. Also try Lauren's Closet in Alameda on Park Street, they have consigment for maternity and do have some plus sizes. Maternity clothes are upstairs. Or ebay as well, plus sized maternity. For new stuff, Target, Motherhood and online. There is a Motherhood in Emeryville. Good luck and congratulations on you pregnancy! Annie

I don't know how far you are into your pregnancy, and how fitted you usually wear your clothes, but I'm a similarly-sized woman in the middle of her second pregnancy (with BIG babies / big belly), and I've gotten along pretty well both times with just my regular clothing for most of the pregnancy (admittedly, I wear a lot of elastic waistbands and big loose shirts anyway), and a few plus size items in a size larger than my usual. I've found good things through Lands End, Junonia, and Ulla Popken (all catalogs / internet), at Target (for cheap t- shirts especially) and at In Full Swing on College Ave Occasionally, I'd like to be able to wear something a bit more fitted, but don't personally know of any makers of plus-size maternity wear. I'll be keeping my eye on other responses to this post!! Have fun! elise

My dimensions were a bit different, but 5+ years ago I found a few things at a maternity store in walnut creek and several things at Ross. I even have several items hanging in my closet that it is now clear I will not have use for again, and would be pleased to pass along (at yard-sale prices) anything that fits you. As for bras, I was closer to a 46DD/E. I got some at Fashion After Passion in Alameda, some at Cotton and Co. on College Avenue, and also found that plain old (jumbo sized) sports bras (the stretchy kind) worked fine. One last thing about being a plus-size-breasted nursing mom: the only position that worked for me was the ''football hold''--took a bit of getting used to but once I got the hang of it, I could walk around the house nursing with one hand free to do other things. Please contact me if you're interested in the clothes or want more support/feedback. Plus Size Mama

I just discovered a Web site for Larger (Plus Size) Pregnant Women that I wanted to share with people. This site has information for the larger woman. Once you get down through all of their links, you can find information about where to find Maternity clothes in Plus sizes. The URL is http://www.kmom [at] vireday.com/

Stylish Maternity Clothes

July 1999

Can someone recommend where to purchase stylish, quality maternity clothes without paying a fortune? I would like to get something beyond Target stretch pants, yet according to the online resources I've found (such as Pea in the Pod online) the clothes can get quite expensive. thanks! Tamara

Two ideas, apart from consignment, which is also one way to go: first, there are decent maternity outlets in Vacaville and Gilroy. I got most of my things at the Vacaville outlet, and thought they were reasonably priced. If you need casual things, there's a store in Walnut Creek, on Main, called Room for One More, which is also a great source for nursing bras. Wendy

I was surprised to find that the maternity clothes at Sears were actually some of the best I found. Their's are not as expensive as the mail away catalogs, but have more variety than Target. For the best selection look at the Sears at the Stoneridge Mall. I also found that Motherwear was a good (in-expensive) place to buy t-shirts and jeans, and occassionally you will find a good dress on sale, but in general I thought their other stuff was over priced for the quality. One thing I did notice was that the Target clothes were cut a little bigger and didnt' tend to shrink as much so I could still wear them until the end of my pregnancy. (There was nothing worse to me than walking around in a shirt that was too short with that maternity panel displayed! LOL!!!) Rose

There are a lot of consignment places around Berkeley, if you don't mind gently worn -- try Lauren's Closet on College (also in Alameda and Walnut Creek I think), also Crackerjack's just off of Piedmont Ave. For new, and fancier stuff, there is a great outlet for mimi-maternity out in Petaluma, at the outlet mall there. I found it was worth the drive. Allison

I had good luck earlier this summer at Ross in downtown Berkeley. There wasn't a lot that was fabulous, but I found a few good jumpers for work, t-shirts, & overall shorts. Ok brands & really super cheap. Like anything at Ross, you have to look carefully & often. But it's worth it if you find something decent for $5! I also checked out Cotton Basics (is that the right name?) on College, & their bargain basket was a find at the time. Also the sale rack. Another idea is, if you are the first of your friends & relations to be pregnant, when you're done start a clothing club with the other moms-to-be you know coming up. I was first 5 years ago, and I'm now wearing some of my original clothes, the best of which have gone through 3 or 4 people & still look decent, plus all their cool newer stuff! (I had to wait the 5 years just to be able to look at my clothes again...) I've added a bit but it's been much much cheaper, and with loads more variety, this time around. Don't forget a) how short a time you'll wear the clothes, & b) how much you'll hate them when you're done, no matter how cool they were at first. I made big mistakes the first time around - spent too much on too small sizes, spent too much generally. In retrospect, I say plan to invest more money on post-pregnancy (nursing type or not) clothes for the (long) in-between time when you feel huge & yucky, & really need a boost.

You can buy good used maternity clothes at Lauren's Closet on College, in Elmwood and at Silver Moon on Grand Avenue in Oakland. Leah

Motherhood Maternity (there is one at Hilltop Mall in Richmond) is a national chain that sells inexpensive maternity clothes. The quality isn't totally great on a lot of their items but since you will only be wearing them for 6 or so months they'll usually hold up that long. There is also a maternity outlet store down at the Great Mall in Milpitas that carries clothes from Motherhood, Pea in the Pod, and another top of the line store whose name escapes me at the moment. They have pretty good prices. Especially if you need to get a special occasion outfit or professional clothes. Also, Mervyn's has maternity clothes that you might want to check out. Allison

By all means try: Room for one more maternity 1628 N Main St Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 937-6818

Absolutely the cheapest most stylish clothes I could find for both of my pregnancies. (I just gave birth in April). I was not in the mood to spend lots on clothes and here I could get a whole wardrobe for about $300. A top cost about $20. Perhaps not as big a selection as Pea in a Pod or Mimi's, but the prices made up for it. Great service as well. By all means check it out. Linda

You can buy good used maternity clothes at Lauren's Closet on College, in Elmwood and at Silver Moon on Grand Avenue in Oakland. LS

April 1998

Check out this web site. I have heard great things about these clothes. I am ordering the Pregnancy Survival Kit. http://www.nystyle.com/bellyb/ Susan