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How to revive leaky diaper covers

October 2006

I bought a huge bag of used diaper covers that leak like crazy. Anyone know of a method to revive them? I'm wondering if Nikwax might work and if it does, do you have to reapply it every time you wash? I have many 'cot'n wraps' which are 2 layers of cotton with some laminated layer in between. They soak my babies clothes within minutes of her peeing. I'm using prefold diapers which work great with other wraps like proraps.
frustrated and soppy

hmm... it could be many factors, but it sounds like perhaps the diaper covers were not laundered properly? I know that if one uses soap detergent on nylon dcs, the waterproof-ability is lost--you must use detergent. perhaps launder them in detergent and then dry them in the dryer (on low)... It is difficult to know what happened to the diaper covers before you got them, but I don't think there is much that you can do... perhaps contact the person you bought them from? i've had bad diaper covers, too
Sadly, the cot'n wraps might just be toast. The waterproofing on those wraps is really delicate--if they're bleached, or washed too often in hot water, they're just ruined. No way i know of to get them back. That said, sometimes soap residue on diaper covers can make them wick moisture. you can get rid of soap residue with vinegar (and in severe cases, baking soda). Check out the procedure outlined here: http://www.bummis.com/en/Detergent-Residues.html Katy
My guess is the laminate layer inside is shot and you need to trash them. Sigh. I had that happen quickly with a few used covers I bought too. leaked too
I found the diaper covers sold at Target etc. always leaky. I found 'FuzzyBunz' diaper covers in Mothering Magazine ads and used them with organic cotton diapers (cotton has an AMAZING amount of chemicals sprayed on it, apparently, and the organic cotton diapers absorbed many times better), found in same magazine adds, and they worked GREAT, as good as disposables. No, better! almost spillproof

PUL lining in Diaper wraps. Toxic?

April 2006

I am a new first time mom-to-be, and am concerned with PUL or polyurethane or polyester being right near my baby's body. Most of the highly recommended wraps like Fuzzi Bunz, Bummis, etc, have this kind of lining. I understand wool is an alternative, but seems expensive and high-maintenace and I am allergic to wool. Should I just get over the toxin fear? Thanks! heather

I don't know the answer to your question, but try the Nikky 100% cotton diaper covers. They are SO soft and they are the only ones we used with our baby. They're sold various places online. I can't remember where I bought them, but here is a link to show you a picture and a description. I think you'll like them.... http://www.babyworks.com/catalog/product.asp?dept%5Fid=12%5Fid=1215
I honestly can't tell you whether PUL in diaper covers is toxic enough to warrant concern. However, I can provide you a great suggestion for a non PUL diaper cover--the Stacinator diaper covers. As a mother of three, two of whom are still in cloth diapers, the Stacinator diaper covers are my favorite covers. The covers are made from fleece. The fleece is wonderful, as it doesn't retain smells as much, are very easy to put in the wash, wick away from baby's body really well, are hip looking, and are extremely adjustable to a baby's growth. If you go online and search for Stacinator diaper covers, you should get a list of vendors. Good luck! Carolyn

Where to buy diaper covers in the East Bay

Jan 2005

is there any where in the east bay to buy diaper covers? i know there are lots of online sources, but i'd like to be able go somewhere that i can compare 3 or more different styles in person. thanks. jolie

They have some at Rockridge Kids on College. The diaper service companies (ABC & Tiny Tots) both have stores and if you want to try your luck buying used, I've gotten some nice ones from Crackerjacks off Piedmont Ave, craigslist, & the marketplace. cloth diapering mama
You might try Rockridge Kids on College Ave in Berkeley (Oakland? not sure) or Baby World on Piedmont. I don't know if they have three or more, but at least a couple of different styles. I got Dappi covers at Rockridge kids, and didn't think they were that durable, but I may not have washed them gently enough. I also found that once my baby became more mobile, then the velcro would often scratch his legs. I found one at Baby World which had a snap as well as the velcro, to keep it in place, so I liked it better. The easiest ones to deal with are nylon pull up covers, though, as long as you change the diaper right away (much less bulky than other covers and very easy to wash, especially if you get a blowout, but tend to leak a little, I've found). a mom using cloth
At The Nurture Center in Lafayette, we carry Lite Wraps and Cott'n Wraps diaper covers by Basic Connection, as well as Kushies all in ones, Fuzzi Bunz and Wonderoos pocket diapers. We are also looking to add a wool diaper cover, and are looking for feedback on the best ones. sherry
I think the Nurture Center in Lafayette might have one of the better selections around (call to check), but I don't think any store, at least in the East Bay, has nearly the variety of diaper covers compared to what's available on the internet. For example, my wife and I called all over last year and no local store carries wool diaper covers. We've bought two or three different styles of wool covers from web sites, however. (If anyone knows a local store that sells them, please post it to the Recommendations Digest.) anon
You can find diaper covers at Baby World, which has a few locations that I know of in Oakland: on College Ave. in Rockridge, on Piedmont Ave. (best selection, imho), and one on Telegraph (never been to that one). Also, Rockridge Kids on College Ave. has some. popiza8

Wool diaper covers

May 2004

I'm wondering what brands of wool diaper covers people have liked for thinner babies. I'm planning on using a diaper service. Do people think it is worth buying wool covers in the newborn sizes given the price of the covers? Any other recommendations about other covers that work well with a diaper service for a thinner baby are welcome. I'd also appreciate any suggestions about cheaper places (online or actual stores) to buy these diaper covers. (Note: I've read the archives on this topic). Thanks! Catherine

Hi there, That's great that you'll be using cloth! We have a 4 month old and we use Tiny Tots service. At night, baby is in a cloth diaper with wool cover (Nikkys) or with a polartec fleece soaker, like Bear Bottoms: http://stores.nurturemama.com/Detail.bok?no=362 . The fleece covers are great because they really do an amazing job of keeping baby dry. Bear Bottoms is a pull on style cover. The Nikkys are like wraps (they have velcro on the sides).

I like to have both kinds because when baby is really sleepy and I have to change his diapers (because i didn't before he went to bed), the wool wrap (the Nikkys) facilitiates a fast and easy change. I''ve found also that baby likes the fleece during hot nights, although polartec fleece is also great during the winter.

But, by far the best diaper covers for night time and long days is the Fuzzi Bunz (http://store.yahoo.com/mybabyempire/fuzzibunz.html) . They are the BEST. They are what you call ''all in one'' diapers'' although to use them, you need to insert a folded cloth diaper in the pocket. They are fleece inside and waterproof on the outside. They are wonderful for night time, long day trips, or for when someone is taking care of your little one and he/she wants an easy diaper to use.

The benefits and drawbacks: With the wool or fleece covers and soakers, you can reuse them a few times before having to wash them (as long as there is no poop on them). So, buying one of each works well. The other thing about a soaker (pull-up style), is that pinning a cloth diaper inside the soaker isn't enough. I like to use a fitted diaper instead (like Kissaluvs). With the Fuzzi Bunz, you have to wash them once they're used, so they get to be more expensive; but having a couple on hand is really nice for ''out of the ordinary'' days.

As for online places, I like http://www.juliestuff.com/ or http://www.kellyscloset.com/store.htm

As for prices, you just have to look through a bunch of places to find out cost (and shipping prices). I actually put together a spreadsheet with price comparisons on the diapers and covers I use the most. Email me if you want a copy of it.

Good luck, and have fun!!

Try these: http://tinytots.com/shopping/diaper_covers/super_whisperwrap.html We hadn't had the best luck with wraps that wouldn't slide right off our thin toddler's hips until we tried the Super Whisper wrap. With a newborn and non-walking infant it didn't matter, of course, but now we swear by these. We get them from our diaper service, but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere online and in stores as well. Good luck! anon
Unless you can get newborn diaper covers used, don't bother with the expense of wool. They outgrow them so fast, and those runny orange poops mess up the diaper cover everytime, so you need a bunch of covers. When your baby starts eating solid foods and her poop is more solid and less frequent wool is the way to go. Since Biobottoms are so elusive (they are sold occasionally by Mia Bambini), try Bumpies at www.eathbaby.com, or Toot Sweet, a local business at www.omelay.com. For a bunch of reviews of wool diaper covers, go to www.diaperpin.com. Sarah

Dealing with poopy diaper wraps

Jan 2003

I have my system for dealing with poopy diaper wraps, but it is not ideal. We have limited space, so after I dispose of the dirty diaper into the diaper bin, and the soiled wipes in the covered trash can, I have to walk the dirty diaper wrap out to the laundry room where I just toss it (and any similarly soiled clothes) into a little plastic (uncovered) tub on the floor. It may stay there as long as three days depending on where we are in the laundry cycle. If the wrap is really nasty I will rinse it in the toilet first, then put it in the laundry room. Since my laundry room is not inside the house, this system doesn't gross me out completely, but it is clearly not perfect or the most sanitary.

I figured some of you clever people have come up with ingenious ways of dealing w/ this situation. What would you recommend to a space-challenged family?

I hang a small platic bag from the side of our dirty clothes bin (right next to the changing table). (I hang it so that it is hidden, to keep curious fingers out.) I use a wipe to clean lightly soiled wraps, and rinse really dirty ones in the toilet. Both types go into the plastic bag. Then, when I do laundry, I just put the whole bagfull into the prewash, throw the plastic bag away, and put out a new one. Melissa T
I used to rinse any poopy wrap in the sink, using a cloth wipe to scrub the poop out. Then I would hang it to dry in the shower. It was usually dry by the next morning when I would then add it to the regular wash basket. It helps to have nylon or poly wraps like Bumkins or Bummis (my favorites) because they dry fast, It gets easier when the poops get more solid because you can just plop them into the toilet and little remains on the wrap. Jen
We are also a space-challenged family who washes their own cloth diapers. As for poopy wraps, I usually do two things depending on how dirty they are. For mildly dirty ones, I just rinse/hand wash them in the bathroom sink or tub and then hang to dry. For really poopy ones, I rinse them out and then let them soak in a bucket(which is kept in the shower and taken out when the shower is in use). I let them soak in water with some kind of oxygen bleach, (non-chlorinated natural stuff) for a day or so. Then everything gets rung out and added to the diaper pail or thrown in the wash. Melissa
I always try to give mine a quick rinse or soak right away, because old poop is definitely worse than new. I got pretty good at doing it one handed while the baby's bottom dried. But I also found that alot of leaks probably means you're ready for the next size wrap and/or diaper. They're growing faster than you think! Mara
Put them in the diaper bin with the diapers. I do it all the time. vm

Fuzzibunz covers

June 2003

We are expecting baby #3 soon and I am looking for some info. on a particular all-in-one diaper called ''fuzzibunz''. It is a pretty new product, but the idea is that it is an all-in-one diaper that is microfiber on the inside with a pocket in the back/top where you put a cloth diaper. Moisture is wicked through the microfiber to the cloth diaper -- you wash both as you would a regular cloth diaper. Does anyone out there have any experience with this product and have any input? I am definitely not a fan of disposables and am looking at my options at this point -- have my own supply of cloth diapers, but am looking for the best way to keep baby dry as possible -- esp. at night. Thanks! falconcrest

I used Fuzzibunz for awhile at night and was quite pleased with them. You've got the basic idea -- the waterproof cover and microfleece ''staydry'' inner liner are sewn together to form a pocket, which you stuff with whatever absorbent material you prefer. You can stuff with prefold diapers or custom inserts. I liked the Joey Bunz inserts. The fleece liner of the Fuzzibunz really does help to keep baby feeling dry. The downsides are that they are quite expensive (about $15 each PLUS the cost of the stuffing). Also, they only work if they fit your child properly. The mediums worked great for my son, but the larges were huge and we had major leaking out the legs (my son is quite skinny). The leaking/fit issue is why I no longer use them. I think they're great for nighttime but too expensive for everyday use. Catherine
I have been using FuzziBunz since my daughter was born. She is now 18 months. I LOVE them!! I don't use a cloth diaper in the pocket. I use something called a JoeyBunz. This is a hemp/cotton insert that is WAY better than cotton. During the day my daughter just wears one JoeyBunz insert and at night she wears 2 inserts. I have never had one single leak nor a poop explosion. My daughter was exclusively nursed so she had those really runny breastmilk poops and they were all held in. The other amazing thing is that the fleece wicks the moisture away from baby so they don't get any rashes. The REALLY important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use any kind of creme to help or prevent a rash. This dramatically reduces the ability for the hemp to soak in the fluids through the fleece. So we use the Johnsons medicated powder and she has never had any kind of serious rash. She's gotten red because we waited too long to change her diaper but we just put on extra powder to clear it up. You can purchase the FuzziBunz at lots of different websites. When I bought mine they were offered at a pretty wide range of prices depending on the website so be sure to shop around. They are also sold on ebay if this is something you are familiar with using. The site to buy the JoeyBunz is www.babykicks.com. She use to sell the FuzziBunz at great prices but she doesn't sell them anymore.

In terms of care you need to use something like Tide Clear to ensure maximum performance in the diapers. This is what we use and it's great. We keep the poopy diapers in a wet pail and the pee diapers in a dry one. When we wash them we put the poopy diapers in a rinse cycle. We then put in the pee diapers with the detergent and some Tea Tree Oil and wash them in hot water for the maximum time. The Tea Tree Oil is a great natural disinfectant and makes the diapers smell clean and fresh. The inserts and wipes we put in the dryer and the diapers we hang out to dry.

I've got a bunch of size smalls along with the JoeyBunz if you're interested in buying them. They are however an older model. Diana

Fuzzibunz are great but expensive. They will keep your child completely dry overnight, so that is when we use them. A regular diaper cover can be used several times before you wash it, a fuzzibunz must be washed each time. I supplement my fuzzibunz with some fleece from the fabric store. I cut some liners in the shape of my diapers and they work really well at a fraction of the price. (if price is a concern) Natalie
On the advice of some cloth diapering moms, we started carrying the Fuzzi Bunz diapers at The Nurture Center about 1 year ago, and it is the only reusable brand we carry. Many moms report that they work just as well as disposables (they can go 4-5 hours between diaper changes), and you have the flexibility to use different types and thicknesses of inserts. You can fold up your cloth diapers to use as inserts, and double up at night.

In fact, since many moms purchase a few different brands of cloth diapers, they often report that they use other brands during the day, and their Fuzzi Bunz at night. Sherry

Wool/fleece diaper covers

November 2002

Hi, We use FuzzyBuns in addition to other diaper covers. FuzzyBuns are great in that they do wick the moisture away from baby's skin and you can use them for longer time periods than regular covers because of this. They do have to be washed after each use though. We stuff two cloth diapers inside them for nighttime, and they're great. If youchose to use only Fuzzy Buns, then you would need a good amount of them. They have a website that is very informative. Elena

The Natural Baby Catalog has some online here: http://www.babyminestore.com/shopping/woolcover.htm
Hi. we used Aristocrat Woolen Soakers. we got them from BabyBunz.com (awesome company). they worked wonderfully at keeping him dry. you just air them out if they are wet and they don't hold a smell. i stopped using them bc they are bulky and i couldn't get his little outfits on over them. but if you can get around that they are great! they were about $23 each. J
I have been using wool diaper covers for two years now--both kids. I love them and highly recommend them. You only need three. If you can get Biobottoms (they are out of business, but you can still find them on ebay) they are by far the best, but Lambkins come in second. They do not leak and don't get wet as long as you take care of them--there are instructions when you buy them or go on line for tons of care instructions. Be sure to buy some lanolin wash when you buy them and only wash with it. (My biobottoms lasted a long time without treatment, but now they don't work as well!) Also, do not get sucked into buying dyed ones. The dyes seem to take the natural lanolin out of the wool making it far less effective. The baby's diaper is never warm when you take off the cover--a good sign of a breathable diaper cover--as they do with cotton and plastic covers! Good luck. Bene

Diaper Wraps that Don't Scratch


I'm feeling very guilty over gradually switching over to disposable diapers when I had such good intentions in the beginning to just use cloth. The problem is, all the wraps I've tried (such as Dapi Napi, from Target) have very scratchy velcro tabs that end up really irritating my baby's skin -- even to the point of making it bleed! Can anyone give some specific recommendations for where to find really good diaper covers that won't hurt. Please include the company name, location, Web site, etc. or the catalog Web site, if you have it. Thank you!

There are some fabulous ones out there by Nikky--my experience is with the lambswool version. Good velcro that stays put but doesn't scratch, and the cover material itself is wonderfully soft (plus it really does seem to be waterproof and breathable). They are, however, very expensive, about 20$ each, but I have found that I can get away with just three in each size. The cheapest source is Babybunz and co, on the web. Aimee
To start, you must get hip to Mother-Ease. They make a snap-on diaper cover that is actually designed to go with their one-size diapering system, but I've found that it works with the diaper service diapers as well. In particular, they sell an all-in-one diaper (diaper cover + built-in terry diaper) that we line with a regular cloth dipe -- it's perfect for overnight. Check out: http://motherease.com. They have an intro pack that is relatively inexpensive too... (http://www.motherease.com/USA/introductoryofferCA.html) More expensive diaper covers are made by biobottoms. Sometimes you can find them used at Lauren's Closet. They have velcro, but I've found the better quality velcro stays put and doesn't scratch up the delicate baby skin. The bigger size covers have snaps to help keep 'em in place. I've had luck with the classic cotton biobottom in particular. They have others I haven't tried: http://www.biobottoms.com/bio/products/cat.asp?ssid=75D18921F94245F498ECD46BBD9F9B4D=15=6 Good luck! Ilana
The problem is you're buying cheap diaper covers from Target. You need to make the investment in high-quality Biobottoms or Nikky diaper covers. The prices will make your head swim--$15-$20 each. But you will definitely save money in the long run over disposables, not to mention doing the planet a big favor. (Note: don't let people tell you that studies show the environmental impact of disposables is the same as cloth. Those studies are fraud, and unsurprisingly, were sponsored by Procter-Gamble.) The Nikky covers are my absolute favorite--soft, light, leak-proof, flexible. You can get them from the Natural Baby catalog (they have a website). Biobottoms (www.biobottoms.com) are a little stiffer and sturdier. As a third choice, you might try the Natural Baby brand wraps. Occasionally, you can find Nikky or Biobottoms covers in the second-hand stores, but mostly in the smaller sizes (i.e., moms who tried cloth for newborns and gave up), and you'll be competing with me, because I scour the stores regularly looking for them! good luck... Vamail
The Nikky covers are still velcro but the best velcro covers we've used. They are very soft and available in 100% cotton or wool. The best price we've found on them ($16.50) has been through a catalog company called Babyworks. 800-422-2910 or www.babyworks.com We tried some covers available through the Natural Baby Catalog that have snaps (no velcro!) when our son was in the small size. I didn't think they fit particularly well. 800-388-BABY or www.kidsstuff.com The nicest, if not easiest or cheapest, covers I've tried are Aristocrats wool pull-on pants. Again the best price I know of is through Babyworks. The large size is $24 but at least the size span is significant (20-35 lbs.). Unlike velcro covers, these require snappy clips or pins (!) on regular cloth diapers. We use them with a grow-with-me snap diaper (from EcoBaby: 888-Eco-Baby or www.ecobaby.com) for overnight. Very soft and no leaks! Erin
We are using three kinds (I have a two and a half year old and four month old, so I've used lots of wraps!) and I've never had problems with scratching: Terry and wool wraps from Biobottoms catalogue: 1-800-766-1254 Diaper Wraps from Rockridge Kids: College Avenue in North Oakland Cot'n Wraps & Lite Wraps from Baby World: 2 stores - College Aveune and Piedmont Avenue in North OaklandOakland I've also found that using a size larger than what the wrap says works best on my kids--maybe they just have particularly plump thighs, but that way the wraps don't scratch or grip to tightly. Hope some of those work for you. Lisa
I am happy with the Diaper Wrap (sp?) brand of wraps. My daughter is 9 months old and we've been using these since she was born. One caution, the hooky ends of the wraps WILL scratch skin if they're not completely attached to the fuzzy piece. I buy ours at Darla's Baby Boutique in El Cerrito (at Stockton and San Pablo, near El Cerrito Natural Foods and Downhome Music)--they are about a buck cheaper there than at Rockridge Kids (or other East Bay places I've checked). Jenne
I would highly recommend an old time favorite plus a new fangled gadget to solve your problem... rubber/plastic pants - usually sold in packs of three for $3-4 dollars and instead of pins or diaper wraps use an item called a snappi ( a three prong rubber clasp that works great) you can buy them on www.tinytots.com. I started with diaper covers and had the same problem as well as some leaking. The rubber pants don't leak nearly as much, seem more comfortable and you can beat the price. Mindy
We successfully used the ProRaps from Tiny Tots diaper service for three kids (inc. two with sensitive skin). I don't recall the actual cost, but it's in the $5-10 range. I felt the Gerbers were too scratchy. The three prong snappi clip that someone else mentioned is FABULOUS - was only available for use with my third kid, and wow, what a difference it makes! Minimal leakage, and it really holds the diaper on. Not hard to take off for potty training which we're doing now. Janna
I tried all the diapers and wraps mentioned on previous emails--and more, and I'd have to say that Motherese beats them all. Nikki's are good but they keep a wet diaper close to the skin--they're snug. The cover made by motherese is roomy and allows air in, yet surprisingly they don't leak. They're called airika wraps I believe. The diapers are equally good. Far better than any other brand. motherese.com is where you'll find them. Use a detergent free product (check out natural grocery stores) to wash with to avoid diaper rashes--which we never had with cloth. Best to rinse a couple of times and put a half cup of vinegar in the final rinse. Maura
We had a boy in cloth diapers for 3.5 years and found that the best diaper covers really were the Biobottoms... But they were REALLY expensive. They rarely leaked.. We used the Cotton ones, not the wool ones which we found difficult to care for appropriately. Other kinds either leaked, the velcro was bad or fit badly on Ben. Myriam
Dec 2000

We use cloth diapers during the day but all the diaper covers I've found at local stores have velcro tabs. No matter how careful we are, these always tend to scratch our baby's skin -- once they even cut him so he bled. Are there any covers that are very soft and don't scratch? Colleen

Responding to the diaper question. Mother-ease offers covers for cloth diapers that do not use velcro. Here's a link to their website if you want to take a look. I haven't used them yet (although I am planning to), but my friend swears by them. http://www.motherease.com Kimberly
We were dedicated cloth users for my son's first 1 1/2 years. I tried all the cover types you mentioned but the best we eventually found for leak control and comfort were the old fashioned rubber pants with elastic in the waist and leg holes. This system does require that you use diaper pins --for us, that was never a problem and *never* did we stick the baby (myself is another story). Those covers stood up to several washer and dryer trips and were inexpensive, yet wore wonderfully. They sell in packages of three and can be found in infant sections of Target and the like. Rue
several people wrote in recommending rubber pants type covers w/diapers and pins. just wanted to mention that there are great, thick, fitted cotton diapers that have velcro. you don't have to use pins, if you're not into pins. also these and pinned diapers work great with what's called wool soakers. these are very expensive (24.00 or so), but you only need two to use them every night and soon i imagine you'd spend more on disposables. the wool covers are breathable and so absorbant. also, though they stink in the morning, they air out well and by evening are sweet smelling. you don't need to wash them that frequently. snuggle up preshaped diapers (w/ or w/o velcro), aristocrats and also motherease training pants, a great alternative to pull ups from barefoot baby: 1800735-2082 susan