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I've been using pocket diapers by a variety of brands (Alva, Nora's Nursery, Mama Koala).  They are very user friendly, particularly for day care/nannies as there is only one piece that you snap on.  I use fitteds, which are the style of diapers that Esembly is based on, for overnight use.  They are great but bulkier than pockets or pretty much any other diapering system. IMO this is their main draw back!  Reddit has an active cloth diaper community (https://www.reddit.com/r/clothdiaps/ ) which I've found to be very helpful, especially for things like troubleshooting your wash routine and getting advice on purchases.  A few people posted their experience of using Esembly and I think it was really positive.

I'm not familiar with Esembly, but I'm on my third child using Bum Genius 4.0 or 5.0 pocket diapers. They are insert ones and I find them easy to wash and stuff. They do sometimes leak a little but I find we have less blowouts than disposables. They also make an all in one (called Freetime), but I feel like pocket one fits my kids better. But I had a friend who loved them. My extended family who come and have no experience with couples diapers can use these no problem, as long as I am in charge of the washing. :)

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Where to buy pocket diapers?

Sept 2008

Where do you buy pocket diapers such as fuzzibunz or bumgenius in Berkeley? I see plenty of places to buy online, but want to check out the products before buying. Trying to go green

I've ordered from this website: http://bananapeelsdiapers.com/pages/BerkeleyEmeryville.php. She's in Emeryville and will set up a time for you to come by and check out what she has and/or pick up an order. Natural Resources in SF also has a number of cloth diapers in stock. They usually have bumgenius--don't know about fuzzi bunz.

Tiny Tots Diaper Service sells both fuzzi bunz pocket diapers, blue nile organic pocket diapers, bum genius and many other brands in their Campbell store. Their diaper service pick up is all over the peninsula and I often order stuff from them over the phone and they drop off the products with my weekly diapers in Oakland. You could call them and see if they could drop off an order without the actual diaper service. happy cloth diapering mother