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Who buys vintage clothing in east bay?

Oct 2009

I have a surplus of vintage clothing - mostly 70's, some 60's and some 80's - and am looking for someplace who will buy them. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks, Jessica

twisters does. here's their info: anon

Best Place to Sell Vintage Clothing?

Oct 2008

I have some vintage dresses and beaded sweaters from the 60's that I would like to sell. Which vintage shops would be best to take them to? I'm in the east bay but am willing to go to San Francisco to find a good shop. Thanks! Retro Woman

I have had good luck selling vintage clothing to Karin at Dolled Up Vintage on SanPablo X Dwight in Berkeley. She gas pretty eclectic customers and is quite charming herself..seems to love fashion and people. She gives you 30% of what she will sell it for which is way better that a garage sale! The stuff has to be perfect though. And, some things she just can't sell, so she can't buy...but, she is generous. Annie

Dress and gloves for teen's 1950's dance

Oct 2008

My 13 year old is going to a father and daughter 1950's theme dance held by Girl Scouts. Where can I find a 1950's dress and white gloves? She wears about a size 12. I'm not necessarily looking for a poodle skirt. I would love to find an actual fancy dance dress in a 1950's style without dragging out my sewing machine. Jeanne

Try Mars on Telegraph. anon

I have seen some really beautiful things meeting your description at Deja Nu in San Rafael on their 4th street. It was a couple of years ago. Many of the lovely 50's dresses were very small (ladies size 2, 4, 6) and might fit your daughter. It may be a hike from where you are, though. There are also some vintage stores on College Ave in the Rockridge district of Oakland. I have seen at least 2 or 3 between the BART tracks and Broadway. happy dress hunting!

Try ''Recapture'' on College Ave. in Oakland (near Hudson St.) They have great vintage party dresses. Their website shows only bridal gowns, but they have a lot more than that. Good luck! Good Times

Taking a Teen Shopping for Vintage Clothing and Funky Jewelery

August 2003

My sixteen-year-old niece is going to visit from Albuquerque and when asked what she wanted to do, she said ''Shop!'' Since my idea of shopping is going to the Monterey Market or Safeway, I feel ill-equipped to entertain her properly. Could anyone give recommendations for: vintage or second-hand clothes stores ''funky'' (and inexpensive) jewelry stores other clothing or accessory stores that would appeal to a sixteen- year-old young lady? Especially helpful would be neighborhoods in San Francisco or the East Bay where several such shops are located.

Muchas gracias
an aunt with insufficient shopping acumen

I was surprised when an adolescent visited us in San Francisco recently and all she wanted to do was shop at Walmart! Ugh! SF doesn't even have a Walmart that I know of. Other teenagers who have visited have enjoyed:
- Union Square: Specifically the Anthropologie and Old Navy stores.
- Haight Street: Lots of interesting boutiques and some vintage.
- Fillmore Street: Many second hand stores, one vintage store and some good lunch options.
- The Indian clothing stores in Berkeley and a stroll through Chinatown in SF have also been BIG hits. Happy Shopping?!?!?!

Haight Street, San Francisco
Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley. No cooler shopping on earth. shopper's mom

I can't imagine any visit to the East Bay or San Francisco being complete w/out hitting the vintage stores on Telegraph in Berkeley or on Upper Haight in S.F. You'll find exactly the kinds of places your looking for. elisabeth

Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, especially on a weekend. The Haight-Ashbury, by the panhandle in SF.

two in berkeley: crossroads on shattuck and buffalo exchange on telegraph (both several blocks south of university), for used clothes with a 'cool' atmosphere. in san francisco: the haight (haight street, in the haight-ashbury neighborhood) may also be a great place for a 16 year old (if you can stand it:) ). i'd also try the mission, but i don't have specific recommendations, and the castro/market area, starting at sanchez and market and going southwest on market down castro--some very cool stores there (and another crossroads too). anon

For Vintage clothing and jewelry try Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley (many very chic shops!) or the Height in SF. Also College Avenue and Piedmont Avenue have some great vintage shops. Have fun! Karin

Make sure you take her for a stroll down Telegraph Ave., Berkeley on the weekend -- the street vendors sell wonderful, handmade, inexpensive jewelry. Christine

I'm sure you'll get lots of responses, but here is what I'd suggest:

East Bay- Stores like Crossroads (College Ave, Rockridge) or Buffalo Exchange (Telegraph Ave, Brkly) are great for young and funky looks and are in great shopping districts so there's lots of other shops to stop in.

San Francisco- Haight St is the best for funky, second-hand stores. There are several that begin about a block or two from the park and continue east. For stores that are more upscale, Sacramento St (Laurel Heights area) has several second hand and designer consignment shops. Fillmore St also has the above as well as some great boutiques (though not cheap). Other great ''strips'' with hip boutiques are Union St (which has a great jewelery/accessories store, but I can't remember the name) and North Beach (Grant St north of Columbus and environs). Have fun! Elizabeth

In the East Bay try Telegraph Ave near the college for clothing and jewlery, on the weekends there are vendors set up all along the street with all kinds of things for sale. Also College Ave in the Elmwood section of Berkeley is good, Jeremy's is there (vintage clothing) and my favorite jewlery store The Gem Gallery. In SF I like to go to Haight Street near Cole and Carl, I think it's also close to Golden Gate Park. Have fun with your niece! anon

I think that Telegraph Avenue (near Cal) is just what you're looking for. She'll be in hog heaven with all those street vendors, etc. You could also window shop in Union Square.

Take her to Telegraph Ave by campus. She will be thrilled. There are second hand stores there and all sorts of inexpensive items to be found, after all the store patrons are students. Last time my 1/2 brother from Colorado visited he was 16 - he thought Telegraph Ave was the coolest place. I know your neice will too as there's nothing close to it in Albuquerque. And if you don't mind the trek over to the City, definately take her to Haight & Ashbury area. anon

Sounds like Haight Street in San Francisco is what you're looking for. Susan

The Haight/Ashbury street neighborhoods in San Francisco are teeming with tons of funky, vintage stores. It's a great one- stop shopping place for kids into mod/funky stuff, and unique jewelry too!

In Berkeley, there's Twisters on San Pablo (and Channing?) which has fun vintage clothing (can be pricey), Papy Boez also on San Pablo (used to have vintage, not sure anymore), Crossroads Trading Company (tre cheap!) on Shattuck (and Dwight?) and also on 5th St.

For more boutiquey but VERY VERY fun stuff, try Sweet Things on College and Derby. Or ''A Step Forward'' on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. They're not second-hand stores, but their sale rack is often better priced than many vintage stores.

You can also just swing by any of the shops listed below (from a Yahoo yellow pages search of ''vintage''):

Have fun!

Be sure to take this teen to Thrift Town, on San Pablo Dam Road in Pinole/El Sobrante. This is the well-known haunt of most Bay Area teens. The prices can't be beat....most items of everyday wear are under $3. Trendier used clothing stores such as Buffalo Exchange on Telegraph are fun, but expensive. Also, take her into Hot Topic on Telegraph. This is not a used clothing store. It has new punk clothing, a big hit with teens and worth a visit as it is definitely on the fringe. While strolling/shopping on Telegraph, the little vendor stands offer nice jewelry, ie. sterling rings, which make good gifts to take back for friends, for as little as $4-7. anon

(These are all recommendations for SF) You can try lots of places on Haight street.

The consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange and Wasteland as well as Ardvaarks Odd Ark and La Rosa Vintage. All of the vintage stores pretty much start around Haight/Masonic and run up to the beginning of the park (Stanyan).

The mission has a few. Thrift town on Mission and 17th is good and often has sales. Then around the corner on Valencia and 16th they sell clothing by the pound...mostly vintage stuff. If you walk the 'corridor' of Valencia from 16th to 24th street you will find quite a few other stores as Schauplatz at around 19th street.

On Market street near the Castro and Noe street is Crossroads Trading Company, though they have more contemporary stuff. And lastly, is Guys and Dolls Vintage in Noe Valley on 24th/Church.

Happy shopping!

Two places, Haight Street in SF (has one of the best & most famous vintage clothiers on the west coast) and Telegraph Ave. just near UCBerkeley, for the first 5-6 blocks running up to Bancroft. She will go crazy there!

Also, just an individual store recommendation, there is a FABULOUS store on Telegraph in Temescal (that is North Oakland) called ''HEY!''. It is next to the Sanwa Bank on the corner of Telegraph and 49th Street. It is filled with funky/ artsy/ designer clothes hand-made by local artists, as well as original paintings and hand-made designer accessories. If you are larger than a size 8 (like me) it may be a little harder to find clothes to fit, but still worth a browse for you fashion- conscious ladies and gents.

Have fun! Tiffany

Try the Haight in SF my teen family members love it- rows and rows of vintage stuff. There are sveral just on the main drag plus it's a funky neighborhood to walk around- don't forget to stop in and have Ben and Jerry's ice cream. For a fun experience try dining at Masawa an african restaurant where you eat family style and with your hands! Rockridge has CrossRoads Trading Company right by BART. and Telegraph in berkeley has Buffalo Exchange. Have fun. Juliette

Try the Rockridge area along College Avenue in Oakland. There are several vintage clothing stores, a place called Itsy Bitsy that my daughter and her friends love (lots of inexpensive jewelry, inlaid carved boxes, tchochkes of all kinds) and lots more. And if you feel inclined, you can park yourself with a cup of coffee at one of the several choices and turn her loose. Parent of a shopaholic

Here's my recommendations for secondhand shopping:
Haight Street in SF would be a good neighborhood for teenager shopping. There are lots of secondhand stores near each other. Wasteland has lots of vintage clothes, and Buffalo Exchange carries some retro stuff. Crossroads has mostly contemporary used clothes. No matter what style she likes, I bet she can find it there- there is even a Gap in the vicinity! Start at Ashbury.
Telegraph offers similar selection in terms of teen clothing, but without having to cross a bridge. Buffalo Exchange, Mars, and Sharks are all places to try.
For the real deal in vintage clothes, try Stop the Clock in downtown Berkeley. I think it is on Center Street between Shattuck and Oxford, up the block from Scandanavian Designs. >From there you could walk down Shattuck to Shoe Pavilion for shoe bargains and Crossroads for newer second hand styles.
Fillmore Street in SF has fun shopping, starting at about Bush Street. There isn't much in used clothing besides Crossroads, and it is definitely more expensive, but I think most sixteen year olds would like Betsy Johnson. Plenty of places to get coffee too. Good luck, and happy shopping! avid secondhand shopper

Stop the Clock on Addison in Berkeley, 1/2 block above Shattuck is a fun place. Also the Berkeley Goodwill store on University between Milvia and Shattuck nancy

Where to get 70's clothes for retro party

Aug 2003

We are going to a 70's party this August and was wondering if anyone can recommend a place carrying 70's attire. Thank you.

There is a place in Berkeley called ''Stop the Clock''. We went there a few years ago and bought a lot of great 70's attire for a party we were going to. Nancy

(In SF) Thrift Town on 17th and Mission has tons of 70's and very groovy... Take BART to 16th street. Walk on mission towards' viola. liz

Shopping in Berkeley

Dec 1998

My mate's 13-year-old daughter is coming from Mexico City over the holidays to meet her baby half-brother. Any suggestions on activities/places to take her to in the Bay Area? (She's been to Exploratorium, tho' she might not mind going again now). She is not fluent in English. Vera

Teenagers really seem to like shopping on Telegraph Avenue (you should go too when they are young and/or from out of town) and to a lesser degree, on College Avenue in the Elmwood. The last few out-of-town visitors we had - girls and boys - begged continuously to be taken to Telegraph Av. Ginger