Where to Get a Tuxedo

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Where to buy a classic Tuxedo?

Jan. 2004

any suggestions about where to buy a nice, classic, reasonably priced men's tuxedo and tuxedo shirt? I've been looking around for my husband and have not had much luck. thanks! in need of formal wear

Hi, I bought a very nice Tuxedo shirt at Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro. I paid $30 or so. The same shirt was selling at Nordstron in downtown SF for $70. As for a tuxedo, I bought one on eBay for about $60, and paid $40 to have it altered to fit me, and was very happy. I posted on this topic a few months ago, and people also recommended the following two options: (1) Selix has a warehouse in Hayward that sells formalwear, and (2) there is a resale store in SF (I forget the name) affiliated with some private school that apparently sells a lot of formalwear. I didn't check out either of those options. Michael

Since there are plenty of places to buy a nice tuxedo, I'm guessing that ''reasonably priced'' is your stumbling block. Try the El Cerrito Selix (on San Pablo) -- they have regular sales of their rental stock. Consignment stores are a good place to look, too, though of course getting the right size is hit or miss. And if you're willing to buy without trying, check eBay. If you don't want to buy a used one, the Men's Wearhouse is one of your best bets. Holly

This is a great time of year to hit Nordstrom Rack Mens Dept. I got a tuxedo there for $200, originally $400. The other place to get a tux is Salvation Army. They're sometimes barely worn. Love to Dress Up

Discount Tux for Black-Tie Wedding?

Sept. 2003

Hi all, My cousin is having a black-tie wedding and I just tried on my old tuxedo and found that it no longer fits. It must have shrunk in the last 10 years. ;) Anyway, does anyone know a good, reliable source for discount men's formalwear? I am interested in used, overstock, etc., etc. Any leads would be most appreciated. Thanks! Michael

Why buy when you can rent? Especially if you use a tux as infrequently as every 10 years. Mens Wearhouse has a great selection with very helpful staff. My husband and his brother got their tuxes there for our wedding. There is a wide variety of styles and fashions. They will help you get an expert fit. And if you already have all the trimmings (cuff links, shoes, etc.) you will save money. Plus you don't have to bother dry cleaning it afterwards. anon

The Selix on San Pablo in El Cerrito sells their used rentals. My husband got a designer tux with dinner and tailcoats for under $200, and they altered it for free. Catherine

The Selix store in El Cerrito is an outlet where they sell their ex-rental stock from time to time. You can also try eBay and local consignment shops. The cheapest way I know of to buy a tux, though, is through www.formalfashionsinc.com which primarily supplies school and community musical groups. They sell a complete tux package (includes shirt, tie and cummerbund) for $99. It's not a high quality tux -- it's polyester. But it looks good enough, and you can order the size you need without hunting. anon

Try the Town School Clothes Closet in San Francisco. It is a consignment store that benefits the Town School, and the times I was there there were ball gowns, tuxes, etc, all used. mack

If you don't mind a trip to Lake Tahoe for your tux, Mark, owner of Tuxtown (www.tuxtown.com) can help you find a good tux, good price, right size, etc. He will ship too if you know size and style you want. Although his website here doesn't list sales, we bought a great tux -- from button covers and pocket square to pants and jacket -- from Mark about a year ago. He had a huge selection of styles for sale and great prices. I think we bought the whole ensemble (no shoes though he has 'em) for under $200. We had tried the local MenWearhouse and a couple ''mall stores'' that advertised tux sales but didn't have anything. Nordstorm Rack in San Leandro did have a limited selection too. Cynthia

Retro Pastel Tux Rental?

May 2003

Hi, my son and a few friends want to dress ''retro'' for their high school prom. Does anyone know where to rent tuxedos in pastel colors (powder blue, pale yellow or orange and mint green) thanks a bunch! brenda

try www.groovyjuice.com great retro clothing to rent and buy Elaine