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Need a new microwave oven

Aug 2006

My microwave oven is about 12 years old and I was thinking about getting it replaced. It works just fine, but I am worried that the seal is maybe getting old and leaking. I don't know how or where I can get it tested - reliably. Any recommendations for a good microwave oven? I want one that is very small THANKS!

You might want to check out the freecycle network. Many local areas have these groups and there is one for the Berkeley area. Just go to freecycle.com and find your local group. The idea is to recycle items that you don't need any longer. It has to be for free, so the only cost involved is driving over to the person who has posted something to pick it up. It's a fantastic system to get rid of items that you don't need, but you can acquire fantastic items yourself as well. JOJ