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    Several years ago I heard about a used appliance store on San Pablo just south of Ashby.  Anyone know the name?

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    William's Low-Cost Appliances is at 6451 San Pablo Ave

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    I have been going to Santa Clara appliances 5103 international Blvd. Oakland. I bought my fridge in my home there and I just bought a second one today for my office. They offer a warranty and they do repairs. Been in business for many many years - highly recommend. 

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Where to buy kitchen appliances?

Jan 2013

We are in need of two major kitchen appliances and am wondering if there are any higher-end stores that might sell floor models at a discount. Any and all suggestions welcome as to where to buy them, as the recommendations for places to buy in the East Bay are almost ten years old. Need to cook

Galvin Appliance on San Pablo Av in Albany. They are a local business, have a good selection and knowledgeable staff. Good delivery and installation staff too. Not sure how their prices compare to a big box corporate store, but I'd rather pay a bit more for a local business with good service. I recently bought a floor model dryer and they gave me a reasonable discount for a small dent in the base. But please don't go to Galvin for their expertise and then buy from Best Buy or another huge corporate store. i shop local

Ikea Appliances? good or bad?

Oct 2011

I'm in love with the design of some of Ikea's appliances, and am ready to purchase them, but whenever I mention it to someone else they always say 'don't do it?' but none of them has had any first hand experience with the appliances. So, I'm looking to hear from anyone who has purchased an Ikea Fridge, oven, electric cooktop, dishwasher, or microwave for themselves and what they're experience is with the product. I'm looking at the Ikea 'Nutid' line for my potentially new fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Any experienced advisement is greatly appreciated!

We bought an Ikea Nutid dishwasher a year ago. We've been happy with it so far. It gets our dishes very clean. The only negative is that it's not as quiet as we had hoped. anon

Recent recs for appliance stores

Jan 2011

The recommendations for appliance stores are rather dated. We need to get a new washer/dryer. Has anyone had any recent good experiences with appliance stores? Thanks.

We got all our kitchen appliances at Standards of Excellence in Concord. They sell high-end stuff. They don't discount, but provide good service.

We got our last washing machine and dryer from Sears. They have a wide selection at different price points. You can buy spare parts on-line which is good to fix simple problems. They also have after sale repair service. Those are the two places we would go to shop. --homeowner

Run, don't walk, down to see Iggy Scortino at Gourmet Appliance (510-635- 5100) in Oakland on Hegenberger Court. I have bought all my appliances from him since 2002, and was just there last week purchasing a new dishwasher. I sent my girlfriend there last week who was so frustrated after trying to deal with the 'uninformed high school kids' at Best Buy to buy a washing machine (her words). Iggy is a young man who knows more about appliances than most any other salesman I have ever met knows about his product. He has sold appliances in this area for probably 15 years. He is totally pleasant, not pushy, and will give you amazing informative information. My girlfriend ended up buying a washing machine that met her specifications and budget, and was half the cost of the Costco Whirlpool Duet, and called to thank me for referring her. Even if you don't buy from him, you will learn a great deal. He is totally generous with his time. I cannot recommend him highly enough!! Kay

Last year I bought a new washer and dryer from Sears in Oakland, and had a horrible experience with them. I live near them in Oakland and thought I would give my dollars to the local economy... bad idea, there is a reason Sears is struggling these days. I needed a stacking unit, and specified that to the sales person, who helped me select a model with a stacking kit. I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery, then when it arrived the installers couldn't install it because they had the wrong stacking kit. They left the units in my dining room- would not take them back! After hours of sitting on hold and getting bounced around through the customer service nightmare, I found out they did not sell the stacking kit at all- and I had to return the units. They promised I would receive a full refund to my credit card within 2 weeks. 3 months went by and I never got my refund, even after numerous calls to the company and another customer service nightmare, until I finally called my credit card company to get the money back. Never heard from Sears again.

In the meantime I bought another set from Best Buy, for a little less than the one at Sears, and it was delivered, and installed within 3 days after purchase- no problem at all. Great service. Great experience. But it is a Big Box store that I was trying to avoid using...so much for that! Finaly can wash my clothes

Kitchen appliances recommendations

Sept 2010

We are shopping for kitchen appliances including range, refrigerators, kitchen hood, and dishwashers. Does anyone have thoughts about Vikings, Thermadore, Bosch, and Electrolux brands? Any other good brands out there? Pros and cons? Lisa

We love, love, love our Bosch dishwasher -- it is so quiet that most of the time I can't even tell it is running. Dishes come out super clean. Dishes come out wet though as they use solely the heat that is generated by the water to dry dishes, but that does not bother me.

We originally bought a Frigidaire fridge, which is an Electrolux brand, and it was a nightmare experience. The fridge arrived damaged, and it was so loud it would wake us up even though it is on the lower floor. To say that customer service was unavailable, ignorant, and unresponsive is an understatement. Took me nearly three months of constant phone calls to finally have them pick up the fridge. Never again!

I have no experience with Viking and Thermador, we bought a NXR range, which is a small California company that produces amazing ranges that have the same professional look and feel, as well as the quality of Viking, Thermador, Wolf, at about half the price. In fact, NXR produces many of it's essential parts at the same factory as Wolf. We are extremely happy with our purchase.

We bought everything at Gourmet Appliance Outlet near the Oakland Airport, they were VERY knowledgeable, and had GREAT prices & customer service. Love Our Kitchen

Kitchen appliances-where to buy?

Oct 2008

we are in the market for all new kitchen appliances for our remodel. Any recent experiences buying appliances locally? Biggest selection? Honest, great service? Best prices? Online purchasing experiences? (Was shipping price prohibitive?) We're looking at different brands, following advice in Consumer Reports--GE, Dacor, Frigidaire...in stainless steel. We've looked at Home Depot, Expo, and General Appliance. Any advice or warnings are greatly appreciated! Thanks. Can't wait to renovate!

Try the Sears Outlet (I think there is one in either Oakland or San Leandro). They carry the appliances they carry in a regular Sears store at discounted prices. Sometimes it's overstock and sometimes the items are slightly damaged. For instance, we purchased a washer and dryer set which had small scratches on the sides. Once we installed them, you couldn't see the scratches at all (they, in no way, affected how the machines worked). It's been a while, but I believe they have similar, if not the same, warranties that the Sears store carries and they have some sort of delivery program.

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Updated Information on Bargins for Appliances

April 2007

My husband and I are in the market for a new refridgerator, washer and dryer. The recommendations are pretty dated. We are looking to get the best bargin possible for top of the line appliances. We have heard that Airport was good but then heard that Western was good and Airport couldn't beat the price. What about Sears Outlet in San Leandro. So Many Places ... Can You Help? First Time Appliance Shoppers

We've had pretty good luck with the Sears Outlet in San Leandro - - we bought a washer and dryer there and both are still going strong. It wasn't what I'd call a 'bargain,' but less than other places we looked. We got a good price on a refrigerator at Best Buy, of all places. And, believe it or not, we bought our cooktop, drawer-style dishwasher, microwave and wall oven new on eBay -- if you're up for that, do your homework to make sure you're getting a good product at a good price, and don't forget to figure in shipping. Finally all new appliances!

Where to buy a washer and dryer

Feb 2005

Does anyone have a recommendation for where to buy a washer and dryer? I appreciate any store recommendation. Also it will be great if you recommend brands, too. Thank you.

Sears Outlet in San Leandro is the place to go. mmann

Try looking at The Sears Appliance Outlet. It is in San Leandro. You can look it up in the phone book or call the downtown Oakland Sears and they can give you directions. They sell new and used appliances that have minor flaws (nicks and dents and the like). Some of the appliances show no damage at all and are priced considerably less than in the store. They carry all the name brands. They will also sell you a Sears warranty that is the same as the one you can get if you buy an appliance from a regular Sears store. They also deliver for a fee. It really is worth checking out. kristi

We bought our washer & dryer at General Appliance on Shattuck in Berkeley. The salespeople were helpful and knowledgable. We purchased Dacor models and are pleased with them. In addition to doing a great job on our clothes, the Dacor machines are quiet and energy efficient. We received Energy Star rebates from CA and PG& E. anon

I'm a big fan of Galvin's on San Pablo in Albany. Their prices have always seemed reasonable (based on comparison with Consumer's Reports); the people are nice and knowledgeable; and the service is great (i.e., prompt deliveries and they come when whey say they will). Check recent (within the last few months) Consumer's Reports in the library for reviews of brands & features.

We bought a Kenmore Elite stackable frontloading washer/dryer set last year at the Sears Outlet in Union City. The set cost less than a new Kenmore Elite washer from a Sears retail store. We have been happy with the set.

we love our front loading washer and dryer from sears. they use less energy and water (15 gal vs. 40+ gal for a top loader during an average load), we got all kinds of rebates, and sears has these promotions with 12 months no payments or interest. when we got ours last summer they were the top rated front loader in consumer reports, but i think the new ratings may be different.

Check out the Sears Appliance Outlet in San Leandro. It's just off Marina Blvd - I think the address is 1936 W. 140th Ave. We got a Kenmore front-loading washer there last year and love it. Most of the stuff there just has cosmetic damage, like scratches. JP

You may want to try the Sears Outlet in San Leandro. I've heard it's a great place (reduced prices and good-great products), especially if you buy things that only have cosmetic damage. Regarding brands, I belive Maytag and Miele are among the best. EP

We bought our Kenmore washer and dryer at the Sears Appliance Outlet in San Leandro in 1996. We got a huge discount off the set because of some cosmetic damage to the dryer. We do at least two loads of laundry per day and have had to make two minor repairs in 9 years. I'd definitely go back to the outlet again. anon

What brands have you purchased, and why?

July 2004

I am remodeling the kitchen and will soon be shopping for new appliances: fridge, cooktop, ovens, dishwasher -- the works. I'd be interested to hear what brands people have recently purchased and why. Where did you find good information (Consumer Reports? other sources?) Any Viking, Wolf, or Miele purchases? Are these high-end brands significantly better than GE, Whirlpool and the like? We expect to give our new appliances a lot of use and want to make the right choices! Remodeller

I spent a lot of time picking out appliances recently... we ended up buying most of them at Airport Appliance but if I were to do it again, I'd buy them at Expo Design Center. The prices were the the same at both places (they both had the lowest prices that I could find for medium end stainless steel appliances) but airport was willing to hold them until our kitchen was ready for them. In the end, Airport did not hold the appliances, and we had to make two trips to pick them up because some weren't there after all, even though they had called us to say that we had to come pick them up soon or they would sell them to someone else. (we had already paid for them, and they had only been in their warehouse for a few weeks.) Anyway, we chose a Bosch dishwasher because I know several people who have them and swear by their clean dishes and super quiet machines. We got a nearly brand new kitchen aid double oven/convection microwave and a kitchen aid fridge used off Craigs List, and a viking gas cooktop. The most expensive appliance ended up being our Vent-A-Hood... but again, we wanted something really quiet and something that could handle venting the more powerful viking gas cooktop! Good luck. It takes awhile to figure it all out. Check out epinions for reviews of specific models. I found that the cheaper brands weren't nearly as user friendly. The ice maker in the freezers of cheaper models takes up so much space, and the ovens and dishwashers of cheaper models had bad repair records. I also decided to go for matching handles on the oven, fridge and dishwasher so that it would look more unified. cooking again

I love my Miele appliances! They are expensive but well worth the cost. We have a baby and bought a Miele washer/dryer because I wanted to wash my cloth diapers at home. The washing machine has a setting for wool and I regularly wash my silk suits and ''dry-clean only'' clothes in it. The large washer can also wash a queen size comforter. It uses very little energy, water and soap and on the weekends I do 8-10 loads a day with no problem. One down side however is the amount of time it takes to do a load. A regular load take 1 hr and 42 minutes to wash.

We also have a Miele dishwasher and it's so quiet sometimes I have to put my ear on the machine to check that it's on. I like the flat cutlery rack that's at the top of the machine. You load the silverware out flat on a tray. It's more hygenic to unload and you don't have to bend down anymore.

Finally, we have a Miele vacuum cleaner and the cleaning ability, quietness and Hepa filter are excellent. There are absolutely no ''funny'' vacuum smells when the machine is on.

If you do a Miele search on the internet you'll find information about why Mieles are excellent and lots of places that sell the vacuums - we bought it online and they didn't charge tax and the s/h was free. We bought the washer/dryer at General Applicances in Berkeley on Shattuck and the dishwasher in San Jose. The SJ store had a clearance center for all their high-end applicances. I can't remember the name, but email me and I'll look for it.

Which ever applicances you do buy, have Sandy of Fog City install them for you. General Appliances recommended him and he's great. Fog City - 925-949-7034 Don't mind cleaning so much

Buying a new washing machine

June 2004

We need a new washing machine fast! Where should we go? What do we do with the old one? Advise please!

We invested in the neptune set. I really love them. I got mine at home depot. my friend told me that she called a used appliance store and for a fee they will cart it away.

Go th Sears. They have a very good selection of brandnames including their own brand Kenmore. They have a good range of prices. They will deliver the new machine and take your old one away. Laurey

In the past few years I've bought a new washing machine and dryer from the Sears Outlet in San Leandro, where you can get great deals on scratch-and-dents. I just went to Consumer Reports and checked out which got the highest ratings, then picked one out at their warehouse. The savings were substantial. They don't deliver, but they hand out flyers with delivery folks' info. We used that guy, and he also took the old one away. DL

What about good old consumer reports for help buying your washing machine? You could go online and get your report, and any other report you might need for $3.00. Alternative to going to their website, would be to go to the public library and get the most recent copy of consumer report's magazine that has a washing machine review in it. In terms of getting rid of your old machine, how about calling Goodwill or the Salvation Army etc. ? beth

Sears is the place to go! Talk to Gil at the Oakland Sears store for lots of info on washing machines. We bought the Kenmore large capacity HE3 washer and dryer for the tons and tons of laundry we do. It is energy efficient(got a PG rebate of $150 at the time). So far we have never had a problem, and it really cleans our clothes well. They are both front loaders which means you cannot throw clothes in when the cycle has started - bummer! They are also huge machines - not for the apartment dweller. Maya

We recently bought a new washer (and dryer) at Sears (at Hilltop Mall). We bought it on a Thursday and it was delivered that Saturday. The salespeople there were very helpful and provided us with all the forms needed to claim energy-saver rebates, etc., and a brochure with phone number for a company that will pick up and recycle the old washer for a $20 fee. The delivery folks arrived on time, put the old machines out where the recycling company could get them, and installed the new ones quickly and correctly. It was altogether a very satisfactory experience. Holly

Try the Usenet groups misc.kids.pregnancy and misc.kids.breastfeeding. If you don't have a newsreader you can check out the groups at www.groups.google.com. anon

Go to Galvin Appliances on San Pablo just a couple of blocks north of Solano. They have very knowledgable sales people, a good selection, and will not try to sell you more than you need. They'll come and install the new machine and take away the old. Dianna

Go to the Sears Outlet store in San Leandro. If you get a front loader, you can get a rebate from EBMUD and PG because they use less water and power. Last year, with the rebates, and picking up and installing the washer myself, a new front loader ended up costing me $225.00 I don't know what the rebates are this year. (Installing a waher in the same place the old one is nothing, just screwing the hose from the new machine onto the existing hose bibs.) Sarah

2003 & Earlier

Airport Appliances

Airport Appliances in Hayward has excellent prices on all appliances and a ton to choose from. The staff is also helpful and knowledgable.

Hilary (6/99)

Sears Retail Appliance Outlet

Dec 2002

Re: when to buy a fridge
Can't say when is the best time, but can recommend a place. We recently bought a new fridge at the Sears Outlet in San Leandro. After doing some research at regular appliance stores, we were able to find what we wanted at the Sears Outlet for about 25% off. They had a HUGE selection (overwhelming) and most of the fridges seemed to have just minor cosmetic damage. (dents and dings.)

There is a Sears outlet in San Leandro with a huge selection of large appliances, mostly with minor cosmetic blemishes, but at great prices. My husband was very impressed with their selection. Good luck, Laurie

Where to buy a new range

September 2002

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good appliances service man? I need to replace my old gas range for a new one. Thanks Ruth

If you are looking to buy a new gas range, I recommend the Sears Retail Appliance Outlet in San Leandero. They have literally a couple of hundred of gas ranges (various name brands, but mostly Kenmores which are highly rated) which are discounted from 15-50% b/c of usually minor cosmetic damage that occurred in the warehouse or which caused someone to return it (some have a little more). We have bought 3 appliances there (including a gas range) at great deals. They also have tons of refrigerators, washers and dryers. Everything is covered by the usual warranties. You have to arrange for delivery -- either deliver yourself or they have a phone # there for a delivery service they work with which we have used each time. You have to get it delivered within 3 days. Their phone # is 895-0546. good luck. karen

Laurie (6/99)

I recently had my fridge quit too (the weekend we had our first dinner party in about 5 years--but that's another story) and found the Sears Outlet in San Leandro to be just great!!! They have all the same brands/models carried in the regular store, but these have been returned for some reason. Sometimes there's a little nick (or a big nick) or some other cosmetic blemish, but they are all in perfect working order AND they carry the same warranty as one you'd buy in the store. We got one with a little scratch that I can't even find anymore, for way under regular retail and it was the one Consumer Reports rated highest in its class. I did my Consumer Reports research, then called the outlet to see which they had. They gave me the range of prices for the models they had in. The same models are different prices depending on their appearance. You do have to arrange for your own delivery which cost us about $70 from San Leandro to El Cerrito (as opposed to the $45 if we had bought it from the regular store) but we saved much more than $35, so it was no big deal. Also, if you sign up for a Sears card you get another 10% off--at least that was the deal when I was there about 2 mos. ago. Their # is (510) 895-0546. Good luck!
Tampine (6/99)

From: Nancy (4/99)

Sears Clearance Center in San Leandro stocks a full line of appliances of many brands at substantially discounted prices. Some of them have cosmetic defects, such as a scratch in the paint. Others have been exchanged by their original buyer because they had a problem, have been repaired and are now ready for sale again. I have bought three appliances there and have been very satisfied. I have, however, only bought new ones with cosmetic defects.

It's listed in the directory, and to get there you get off at the Marina Way East exit from HWY 880. Call them for exact directions.

From: Kathy (4/99)

We buy all our appliances at the Sear's outlet . They sell kenmores as well as whirlpool and maytag. There prices are discounted from the main stores. They do not deliver though. The are located in San Leandro (# in phonebook). We have been very happy with our washer/dryer and refrigerator.

From: Tavie (5/98)

Regarding buying a used gas dryer-- Sears has an outlet store in San Leandro that has new and damaged appliances at very reasonable prices. You may get a new one with some dents in it for the price of a used one. They also carry mattresses, furniture, TVs, etc.


Our refigerator died a month before our daughter was born last fall, so we did a mad rush to find a new one. We didn't necessarily do a full price comparison, but we did check with the major sellers (Sears, Wards, some local appliance stores in Marin) before buying one. We ended up purchasing a new Frigidaire from Wards in Richmond. They have a good selection and the lowest prices around. They also often have sales (usually around holidays, which fortunately we were able to take advantage of) and have free delivery. The fridge is great and has worked out really well for us. It's just a simple model with no ice maker, but has a large freezer above the roomy fridge. I especially like the clear acrylic shelves and the modular arrangement so that odd-sized things can go just about anywhere. Also big shelves in the door that can hold a one-gallon milk container. Very convenient. Hope this helps!
Gretchen (6/99)