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  • Recreational badminton practice

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    Hoping for resources and ideas about where our family can play badminton locally. I know about the East Bay Badminton Club. But my sense from their materials online is that they are geared toward more serious players. Plus it seems pretty pricey. I’ve also looked at UC Berkeley Rec and they are currently not offering badminton times nor are they open to public memberships. 

    I’d like to play regularly about once/week with my son - 14 and new to badminton. He’s taking it for PE at BHS and enjoying it. Sometimes husband and 12-year old daughter would also like to play. Considering an easy-set-up net to play outdoors sometimes. But outdoors not ideal for badminton, especially going into winter. 

    Might Berkeley Parks and Rec have facilities? BHS? Any other ideas? I’d really love to foster my son’s enthusiasm. There are few physical activities he’s excited about. And I happen to love badminton too. Hoping we can make this work. Please help!! :o)

    Contact the University Village recreation department. (510) 524-4926 or uvrec [at] berkeley.edu. I know there are adults that play there on a regular basis, but I do not know if it's a league or casual. They definitely use UC village equipment which may be available for use at other times if you want to play with just your family. Here is what I saw on their website:  Badminton:  Saturdays: 11:00am-1:00pm Mondays: 7:45pm-9:00pm Wednesdays: 7:45pm-9:30pm. Despite what the site says, the recreation department is open, and people are playing badminton regularly. Masks required.