Badminton at Berkeley High

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April 2016

My son will be entering Berkeley High next year as a freshman. He's interested in badminton and would like to try it at BHS, but has never played before. Would he be able to learn the sport as a novice with the team? Outside of a PE class, where else would he be able to get an introduction to the sport, either at BHS or outside of school? BHS Parent

The BHS badminton team is by try-out only (spring) and is pretty competitive. The Badminton PE class, on the other hand, is fun, easy-going and appropriate for beginners. To get to the competitive level, your son would probably need to take the PE class and also practice at a club. This is based on my son's experience a couple of years ago -- he was the best in the PE class but not quite good enough to make the team. been there

My freshman at BHS is taking the Badminton class this year as his PE elective. He had little experience going in to the class. I think the teacher does try to pair up more advanced students within the class but I believe the class accommodates all levels of experience. To my knowledge there is just the one badminton class (I think two different periods.) The badminton team is a different matter. The coach of the team is not the same person who teaches the badminton classes. Students must try out for the team. I don't know how competitive it is because my son wasn't interested in trying out. He really enjoys the class, though, and it seems like an easy A as long as you show up every day and play badminton. Thanks goodness for that A, is all I have to say! BHS mom

Hello, I don't know about pricing, but there is a club called ''Eastbay Badminton Association'' that offers lessons and summer camps. I believe it is in Oakland or Emeryville. Oakland Parent

To learn badminton the EastBay Badminton Association offers group or private instruction. Novices can try-out for the JV team. Depending upon the number of candidates, some may be weeded out due to too few spots on the courts. It is very important that the athlete attend all Monday-Friday practices and games if he/she wishes to be taken seriously. It is advisable to arrive with some training and skill. Skill development during practices is not very rigorous so your athlete might consider augmenting with lessons outside of BHS. I believe that there is a badminton option for PE class. My daughter tryed-out freshman year with only back yard play experience and some previous tennis lessons and court time. She made JV freshman year, survived a highly competitive try-out season sophomore year to play on Varsity. Away games are on Thursdays and the players are pulled out of 6th period to catch the bus on time. Home games on Tuesdays start at 4:00 p.m. After school practices varied in time slot, especially at the beginning of the season when there was competition for court time if the basketball team was doing well and still in competition. Practice time can compete with 7th period science lab time. Both coaches and science teachers try and help the students balance the sport with the lab time. The team is a fun-loving group of student athletes! Karen G