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Score! Educational Centers closed in 2009 according to this article:

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Dec 2011

Does anyone know of a helpful computer program to aid my 7th grader with writing/analysis of what he has read? He's been struggling with this for the last couple of years. He becomes frustrated and won't want to make revisions. Sara

My son used to go to SCORE; an educational learning center that uses computers to help students get age appropriate skills. They were very effective and fun for my son. I'm not sure if they are still around, my son is now in college, studying journalism, so it must have helped somewhere...good luck. mom of teens

March 2006

Can anyone one tell me what the differences are between the Kumon and Score! learning centers? Are their approaches to learning radically different or similar? Is either one considered a better program than the other? Are either of them overcrowded? We are considering sending our 9-year-old son to one of them for tutoring. Jill

i can't speak to kumon, but i have intimate first-hand experience as a former educational expert for score. here's my perspective: score's computer-based program won't provide the type of tutoring support you're seeking for your son, and the curriculum in the live, tutoring program is a pre-determined, sequential program, often taught in a 3:1 ratio between children and teacher. both programs are fine for supplemental purposes, such as reinforcing skills and increasing students' familiarity with concepts, thereby building confidence. however, if your objective is to help your son catch up in a particular area, i believe the money would be better spent on a private tutor in a 1:1 situation, and where the tutor can be more flexible given your son's needs and interests. pamela

Aug 2005

Anyone have insight into the Score! tutoring program? I looked at the archives, and the most recent posts are from 2000. Does anyone have any more recent experience with them, esp. the one on Solano Ave.? Thanks! Curious

Hi, I decided to send my son (10y/o) to SCORE over the summer in Albany. Boy did he need it. I meet with the coach to discuss areas to work on( math,reading and problem solving)Our son has entered 5th grade this week and he told us how glad he was in going to SCORE, he feels more confident in being able to understand and read instructions the teacher is already giving the class. We've decided to keep him in SCORE during the school year. This way he will be able to keep up with the class which is split 5th/6th grade. It's 2x a week and you can set your own schedule - drop off your child for 1 hr and the coach takes them to their computer to work on. They are given a passowrd to sign on and that is how the work is tracked. You are given a wor! ksheet indicating how they did and what they will continue to work on. You can also request SCORE to give you homework. It's a fun setting for the kids and goals are set to encourage the children to keep up with the work. It's a little pricy for only 1 hour 2x a week - but if you can afford it now it might be worth it verses waiting to see if your child catches on with the work in school or paying for a tutor and hoping you get the right person. They will give you a trail session if you ask before you sign any contract. Yolanda

Feb 2005

Does anyone have direct experience with Score, in Montclair village, (or I know they have many other locations). Is there any reason to consider this program/activity for a child who is doing just fine in school?

OUr son goes to score with two of his friends, and has for over a year and he loves going. not only has it helped him improve at school, but it continues to challenge him. the staff is great, and some of them are fantastic babysitters as well. anon

My stepson went to Score in Montclair between second and third grades for math. We all thought it was good practice for him but certainly nothing beyond what a dedicated parent could do at home. It was a lot of money for that. Two boys mom

I used to be an instructor at SCORE and to answer your question, yes there is some benefit to having your child attend SCORE, even if they are doing fine in school. There are two types of SCORE centers-one geared towards those who need additional attention and help with problem areas or early readers and one geared towards more ''stellar'' students. The program for academic enrichment is done more at computer stations and does not have too much one on one...though this does all depend on the subject matter your child will be tutored in as well as the age of your child. I think it best to go in for a tour. The staff would give your child an assessment to see where they are at academically and give you their insight as to what roads you can go to help your child get ahead in school. One more comment though- for the amount of money you would spend at SCORE, you may be able to find a good tutor...perhaps advertise at the UC Berkeley career center, for cheaper. Plus, your child will get good one on one time. -hope this helps

Jan 2000

Anyone done this with their child? I'm thinking about doing it with my seven year old so he gets some drill in reading and math... Mostly I'm interested in whether the child found it fun, whether it was effective in giving kids structured math and reading practice and whether people found it worth the money (Rather than doing educational software at home) Thanks!

My two kids started at the Montclair Score when it first open. It was fun for them (good motivation and different incentive) and feel it helped them for the many years they were there (hard to measure). My daughter is now working as an Assistant Coach there (would appreciate it if you join to refer her, Kelly Lee). You can ask her for a trial period and so you can view the program. My view of educational software at home is the same as gym routine. If you pay, you'll go, if you try to do it at home there is always something else to do. Chris

Sept 1999

I recommend Score, located in Montclair. Call Keith Ogden at 510 339 3919. They have private tutoring available. They also have another arrangement ( less expensive) -- Families come to the center at their convenience on a regular basis and the children use computer software to practice basic skills in math and language arts. moving ahead at their own pace. A staff of coaches actively supports the kids in their work. Periodic meetings between staff and parents are set up to monitor progress. The director, Keith Ogden, is dedicated and sets a very good tone. The kids work hard and enjoy it. They feel independent and successful. - suzanne