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  • Looking to have our 4.5yo start TK in the PM group in Albany this fall. Besides the at-school extended hours, any one else have suggestions for before-school care (ideally with transportation)? Or other thoughts/recommendations?

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  • I am currently in a dilemma as to whether to send our son to Albany TK next year or keep him at his current preschool. We toured the TK program and liked it, but the main concern is that there is 1 teacher for about 24 kids (like Kindergarten). My son is on the shyer side, which is making us wonder if he would do better with one more year in preschool where he can get more attention. Also, if he goes to TK, there will be two transitions for him in the next two years. Has anyone decided one vs. the other? If you decided for TK, was it an easier transition to Kindergarten? Were you satisfied with the program?

    We were in the exact dilemma as you are: to continue a year in preK or move to Albany TK. We are extremely happy to move our child to Albany TK. Firstly, the class size is 22 and is similar to any of the K-class in their 3 schools so if you do plan to move to public school system, TK is a great platform to get your child accustomed to it. The chances of finding some or many of the TK classmates in any of the 3 schools that you pick in future are higher so  helps ease transition into a new K-class. Secondly, in my view, the empathy factor of the teacher matters much more than the number of kids in the class. i have seen shy  kids in this class year overcome their inhibitions and shyness under the care of both the teachers  who are great in their own unique way. I am observing the current staff of teachers, and other administration and support staff daily - and I couldn’t be happier with the balanced and fun environment they are preparing so diligently for the children. Thirdly, along the lines of public education system where kids start learning to write in K, they start getting the TK kids into the process of writing and learning alphabets, the good bit is K-class becomes a cakewalk, the downside is for parents like me who agree with European learning philosophy of postponing the writing bit until 6-8years of age for a better mental development. Lastly, the program includes reading alphabet, beginning to write, counting, art and culture, physical education, music and dance parties. Hope you find this helpful and good luck with your decision! 

    Happy Albany TK parent :) 

My daughter was in TK last year. A different district, though – we are in Albany. We were very happy with the TK program. It was not the same as the K program. The kids weren't required to learn how to read, although they did go through the alphabet and were encouraged to write phonetically. They had some free play times as well as structured activities. I thought it was a perfect program for this age group – a bit more advanced/challenging than a typical preschool but not quite as demanding as Kindergarten.

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Transitional Kindergarten in Albany

Feb 2016

We are looking into sending our son to Transitional Kindergarten in Albany for the 2015-2016 school year and would love to hear some feedback/advice from other parents who have experience with the school/program. Was it beneficial for your child, were you happy with the curriculum, etc.? Any advice or thoughts are appreciated! cristi

If your child is age-eligible for TK in Albany, you should sign him/her up, if for no other reason, because you'll get a huge advantage when you sign up for kindergarten the following year. Kids in TK don't have to participate in the school assignment lottery. The district assigns them whatever school and schedule they want before they run the lottery and place everyone else. TK kids also get priority for the aftercare programs. I don't know how good the actual TK program is, but if I could, I'd sign my child up it just to take advantage of the other advantages TK kids get. Not one of the lucky ones with a fall birthday