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  • Hi - we  recently had triplet girls - 2 identical and a fraternal.  I am worried that we don’t have the proper tools to make sure we are fostering their individualism and also ensuring that one (likely the fraternal) doesn’t feel left out or that she doesn’t “belong”.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a psychologist that can do a few sessions with us to guide us through raising multiples?

    Are you a member of Twins by the Bay?  I bet the parents of triplets in the group would have very good advice for you, having lived it themselves. The TBB chat would also be a great place to find the psychologist you’re seeking.  We only have twins, but have found TBB to be a great resource for many years now. 

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Expecting twins! support groups?

Feb 2007

My wife and I recently relocated back to the Bay area from the East coast. We just learned that we are expecting twins! While we're both extremely excited, we're somewhat anxious about what's in store for us. Are there any kinds of support groups for parents of twins? Any information or recommended resources would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! FK

Check out Twins by the Bay: They have a new and expecting parents support group.

Greetings, I'm sure you will receive responses re: Twins By the Bay ( a great resource. Also, Karen Pollack offers twin support groups called ''DoubleTalk.'' For more info. see or call Karen at 925 330-5660. I hear a lot of positive feedback about her groups. All my best, Lee

I'm sure you'll get dozens of replies on this one. Twins by the Bay is a fantastic support organization for parents of twins. It is run by volunteers. Their website is:

There is a support meeting every other week that meets at 9:30am in Montclair. The next meeting is Friday, Feb 9th, and then the next one is two weeks from then on the 23rd. It's for new and expecting parents, so would be a great way for your wife to connect w/ other soon-to-be twin moms and hear advice from those that have just had their twins.

In addition to the meetings, they have an equipment loaner program, volunteers that will bring a meal for a family w/ a mom on bed rest or after the birth, and you can join the yahoo email group which is similar in nature to BPN. Mom of twins and loving it!

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May 2000

My twin daughters just turned one and I feel I am so lucky to have two wonderful kids. There are several good support groups and books. The local Mother of Twins Club is called Twins by the Bay and has a web page at: There is lots of good information from other members, not to mention people trade maternity clothes, nursing shirts, and there is a great annual garage sale where you can get lots of baby stuff. J. Gray