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  • Looking for Spanish Speaking, Latino/a therapist

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    Can anyone recommend a good bilingual (English/Spanish) therapist?  It would be ideal if the person was a native speaker and Latino/a him or herself.  Location is flexible, someone who practices either in The City or in the East Bay would work.


    I have experienced Luz Castineiros ( native spanish speaker ) as an excellent music therapist - not sure if you are open to other modalities aside from just verbal therapy, but I highly recommend her: 510.230.1732. She practices in Berkeley.

    I like working with Natalia El Sheik, she is from Colombia and perfectly bilingual

    (510) 882-7154

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Argentinian psychotherapist?

May 2011

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of an Argentinian psychotherapist or counselor in the bay area; preferrably in the east bay area. I would appreciate any hints. Thanks, anon

I don't know of any Argentinian psychotherapists offhand. You may want to call Giselle Fernandes (sorry don't have phone # but she is a JFK professor and has private practice as well). She is Brasilian, may know some local Argentinian therapists. good luck!

Susana and Ricardo Winkel are both psychologists originally from Argentina (though they have been in the Bay Area for many years). Their offices are in Rockridge: Susana Winkel: 510-559-8301 Ricardo Winkel: 510-559-9354

You may want to contact Patrizia Meunier, MFT Anon

Seeking a male therapist of color for teen

August 2010

My son was adopted as a baby from Latin America and is now entering young adulthood. He is struggling with identity issues and anger. Can anyone please recommend a 1st rate male therapist of color (preferably black, Latino, South Asian, or mixed race)? We are hoping for someone who will take HMO insurance. anonymous

Our son who is African American and adopted has been going to Frank Davis for 3 years now. It has been a life changing event for our son and keeps us the parents on an even keel. He is extremely dedicated to supporting young boys into men and a cool guy too. Excellent communication with the families. Cannot recommend him too highly. Frank Davis 510- 390-4025 2000 Dwight Way St. C Berkeley, CA 94704

I'm presuming that he is a teen which is when a lot of this comes up. There is some value in more psychodynamic therapy but it also has limitations with teens since a lot of their view is influenced by peers. Face-to-face therapy can only accomplish so much. A good bilingual therapist who grew up in Mexico is Sam Tabachnik at 510-845-3525 but he is not an adoption specialist. For an adoption/attachment specialist talk to Susan Love 684-0045 or Virginia Keeler-Wolf 339-9363. For having your son in a group of his peers that he identifies with and struggling with these same issues contact PACT An Adoption Alliance or Coyote Coast. Best wishes. This is very challenging. Feel free to contact me. david

I was given this reference: If the family is willing to take the BART into downtown San Francisco, Dr. Luis Perez would be a good fit. He is excellent.

Forrest Hamer in Oakland is a very highly regarded therapist. He's African American. Not sure if he works with adults only, or not. My friend who sees him is an adult. Harriet

Seeking Chicano/Latino Therapist for cultural identity issues

April 2008

I'm looking for a talented Chicano/Latino or mixed-race (any races) therapist/psychiatrist who specializes in cultural identity issues for adults. Preferably in San Francisco, and who takes Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. Your help is much appreciated.

Francisco Gonzalez is really talented- I've taken classes that he has taught and was very impressed with his thinking. He is also very warm and accessible. I believe he practices in San Francisco, as well as at La Clinica de la Raza. I am not sure if he takes Blue Cross.

Native Spanish-speaking Couples Counselor

Sept 2005

My friend is trying to locate a native spanish speaking couples therapist. The therapist should be sensitive to recent immigrant issues as well as inter-cultural relationship issues. Session should be conducted in spanish. Helpful Neighbor

I recommend Samuel Tabachnik. He is a wonderful couples therapist from Mexico and I believe he will hold sessions in Spanish (the message on his machine is in Spanish and English). He's in Berkeley near Ashby and Shattuck. His number is 845-3525.

Try Yvette Flores-Ortiz, Ph.D. (sorry, I don't have her number) or Samuel Tabachnik, Ph.D. (510) 845-3525. Best of luck, Melissa

Couples Counselor - Latino or Latina

May 2005

Seeking a recommendation for a Latino or Latina couples therapist, or someone who is sensitive to the cultural issues in our relationship (Latin male, Jewish American female). The archives mention a therapist in SF, but we're looking for someone in the East Bay, preferably Oakland or Berkeley. Thanks

We had difficulties after we had our baby and had a lot of success after getting therapy with Denise Forte, she's in Berkeley and is great. I highly recommend her. Her number is 510-286-7615. I can recommend her for a bicultural couple, since she herself is an American married to a Latino. Anon