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March 2005

Re: Need some one-on-one advice on my parenting
I have heard Rona Renner speak about parenting pre-schoolers at my son's preschool and she is a very sensible, person with a helpful, non-judgemental problem-solving approach. She has a great sense of humor too, which you need when you're feeling overwhelmed with parenting. I know that she also runs workshops for parents at Kaiser. I think she'd be a great person to help with parenting skills.

Sept 2004

Re: ADHD Parenting Classes & Support Groups
Rona Renner with Kaiser in Richmond runs an ADHD parenting workshop. It is a 4 part series on Saturday mornings. I believe the next series starts on Oct. 9th. Her # is (510)307-2539 for more info. You do not need to be a member of Kaiser to attend-- it is free to the public. I have not actually attended yet, but I plan to go to this next one. My son is 8 and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7. We have had a lot of ups and downs and I've learned a lot in the process. If you'd like, I would be happy to talk with you more about our family's journey with an ADHD child (behavioral pediatricians, medication as an option, schools, etc.).

July 2003

Re: Personal coach for parenting 6-year-old
My husband and I went to see a wonderful therapist (she calls herself a nurse) at Kaiser Richmond, named Rona Renner. She is wonderful, and extremely thoughtful! She offered us sound and do- able suggestions on how to deal with our seven year old son, as well as insights into why he bahaved the way he does (what he is feeling inside, and things that we can do or say that will help him (and us)). If you have Kaiser insurance, I would RUN to her immediately! The other possibilty is Jim Beatty, who offers social skills workshops for boys. He is located on Eighth Street, in Berkeley. His phone number is: 644-1788. He probably can't help you, but he might help your son. As an aside, I, too, am not proud of the anger I feel towards my son sometimes, but talking to Rona Renner really helped. I hope you can get in to see her! Everybody Needs Help Sometimes

June 2003

Re: ADHD Parenting Class
I attended the ADHD parenting class at the Kaiser in Richmond. Class lasts for 4 weeks, is free, has lots of good information, and you do not have to be a Kaiser member to attend. akiversen

June 2003

Re: ADHD Parenting Class
Ronna Renner, RN works for Kaiser and is an parent educator, parent of an adhd son, and a terrific resource. She has written, conducts workshops, and is a recognized local expert. Contact her at Richmond Kaiser. Highly recommended! My son is 13 now, so i have been there, done that! laura

March 2003

Re: Kaiser Therapist for Spirited Child
Rona Renner is amazing! I took a class with her, and a friend consulted her for temperament issues concerning her son. Rona is a mother of several children herself. I wish I had Kaiser health insurance just so that I could consult with her! Alison

Re: Parents Disagree about Discipline for 13-month-old
In response to the person wanting information about different parenting styles; Rona Renner runs workshops specifically on this subject. She calls it the Mother Teresa/John Wayne syndrome. Rona is a parenting expert who works through Richmond Kaiser Pediatrics, but who also does quite a bit of work in the community. I am sure if you were to call her at Kaiser, she could tell you when her next workshop on this topic is. I have been happy with all of her topics. Eden
Re: Parents Disagree about Discipline for 13-month-old
My husband and I took a parenting course with Rona Renner at Richmond Kaiser several years ago (it was free to Kaiser and non-Kaiser members alike). One of the classes was on exploring your parenting style in relation to your partner's. It was a non-threatening area for exploring this a bit with some feedback from Rona and hearing how other couples dealt with it. Jenn