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Therapist for sexual orientation issues

March 2005

A very dear friend has a 22-yr old daughter who is going through some anxiety about her sexual orientation. In the past she has thought she was gay, then straight, then gay. It may be that she is just strictly bi, and cannot sort this out because it depends on who she is smitten with at the time. However, it causes her great angst when it is time to decide to continue a relationship or break it off, and is she breaking it off because she is really in the wrong sexual relationship, or just the wrong relationship. Does anyone have a recommendation for a therapist who has a reputation or experience for being good in this area? Preferably it would be a counselor, as opposed to an MD because she is just a working girl with no insurance to cover this and limited funds. Thanks necessarily anon

I highly recommend therapist Lisa Ruben. She's worked very successfully with the issue of sexual orientation, but this is just one of her specialties. She's a wonderful warm-hearted therapist. Many of my clients (I'm a Life Coach) have enjoyed working with her and seen very positive results. Her number is 286- 7597. Feel free to contact me if you want more information. S.