Kirsten Beuthin, LMFT

Oakland, San Francisco

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Re: ''Sex-Positive'' Therapist? (July 2005)
My partner and I have what you might say is an ''alternative'' sex lifestyle and worked with Kirsten Beuthin. She was easygoing, and it felt safe to discuss our issues with her. I strongly recommend her. She is in Oakland and SF. I know this a sensitive area, so best of luck. anon

Re: Treatment for bulimia (Mar 2005)
You might contact Kirsten Beuthin to get information and/or treatment for eating disorders. She helped me and my family deal with our daughter's bulimia. She is in Oakland and SF. 510-652-0990 or 415-401-7180.

Re: Therapist in SF for teen's eating disorder (Jan 2005)
I highly recommend Kirsten Beuthin. She specializes in eating disorders and has an office in San Francisco as well as the East Bay. She does very well with making young women and teens girls feel comfortable. Her numbers are 415-401-7180 and 510-652-0990. Good luck. anon

Re: Therapist for teenage girl (Aug 2004)
I would recommend Kirsten Beuthin, who is highly praised on this website. Thanks. Michael Simon

Re: Therapist for Lesbian Couple (March 2004)
I highly recommend therapist, Kirsten Beuthin at 652-0990. She has worked a great deal with lesbian couples, and offers practical support as well as in depth therapy. anon

Re: Therapist for 16-year-old - parents in messy divorce (Feb 2004)
My daughter saw Kirsten Beuthin, and she really liked her. Kirsten was able to develop a solid relationship with her, which I believe helped her deal more effectively with the various issues of being a teenage girl and family stress. It's wonderful that your 16 year old niece is asking for a therapist. Kirsten's number is 652-0990.

Re: Therapist for reckless & destructive 13-year-old (Sept 2003)
I highly recommend Kirsten Beuthin, MFT @ 652-0990. She works extensively with teenage girls and is great at establishing a relationship with teens so that they feel comfortable talking about their problems. She also works with the parents and families when indicated. Monica

Re: Pre-teen asking for counseling (May 2003)
You might try Kirsten Beuthin (female therapist). She works extensively with teens and pre-teens, and is especially good at connecting with young people. She will also work with parents. I highly recommend her. Her number is 652-0990. M. M.

Re: Therapist for combative 13-year-old (Feb 2003)
I understand that Kirsten Beuthin, MFT works very well with difficult teenagers. She specializes in at-risk adolescent girls, and always includes the family if possible. Her office is in Berkeley at 510-652-0990. anon

Re: Female therapist for relationship issues (Dec 2002)
I would highly recommend a therapist I have seen. Kirsten Beuthin is very down to earth and direct but gentle. Her office is in Berkeley and her number is 652-0990.

Re: Eating disorder (2001)
For the woman looking for a therapist who works with individuals' eating disorders... I would highly recommend Kirsten Beuthin. She is a thoughtful, dedicated and caring clinician who not only specializes in this area of work but is excellent working with adolscents and young adults. She is not in the East Bay, but isn't too far; she's across the San Rafael Bridge out in the Kentfield area and can be reached at 415 419-3576. She may also have a sliding scale if cost is a factor, but her rates are generally in the $70 per session range. She'll also know about adjunctive resources for your daughter should that be necessary. Michael