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Therapist for visitation evaluation?

Feb 2008

My ex-husband, who has battled drug addiction for the last several years, has recently claimed a year of sobriety and would like to be reunited with our four-year old son. He has not seen our son in two years (and his presence in his life has been sporadic, at best, since our son was 5 months old). Our son does not remember his father nor does he even think he has a daddy. My attorney suggested that I contact a mental health expert to evaulate the impact of him coming back into the picture and mediate the process. I got a list of therapists from my insurance, but wondered if anyone here has had a similar experience - and can recommend someone. I want to do the right thing by my son (if in fact my ex has managed to stay sober for a year and is sincere in building this relationship); I just don't know the best way to go about it. Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts...

I can highly recommend Dr. Mary Claire Heffron, (510) 428-3000. I don't have a similar situation but went to her for help understanding my 7 year old daughter's needs around custody arrangements. She very quickly ''got'' my daughter and was also able to get her comfortable and to open up very quickly. My daughter is usually very shy around those she doesn't know. I found Dr. Heffron from BPN - read the other recommendations for her in the archives. anon