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Trying to find a supervised visitation facility

Oct 2012

I am trying to locate a supervised visitation facility or professional supervisor for visitation. I have looked on the BPN archives and just like the last time someone asked, it is difficult to find on the internet. Also Safe Exchange no longer exists. If you know of facilities in SF or the East Bay or professional supervisors, please share. Thank you! anon

A neighbor of mine, Ron Zeno, does supervised visitation. He's warm and safe for children, but also clear about boundaries. A friend of mine used him, and it worked for her. I don't know his office #, but the number I have for him is: 510-536-7050 Heather

Companies that specialize in court ordered child visitation

Oct 2007

I need to find businesses that specializes in supervised court ordered child visitation. I haven't been able to locate any companies in the East Bay area by searching online. (And I thought you could find anything online!) Anything in the Oakland area would be best since the non-custodial parent lives there and doesn't have a car. I'm really hoping some of you can help me find some good, reliable companies who specialize in this type of thing. Thanks! Cris

I work at Children's Fairyland in Oakland. We work with Safe Exchange, which provides supervised court ordered child visitation. They often visit Fairyland on supervised visitations with younger children and we have always had positive experiences when working with them. (Safe Exchange: 290 Grand Ave., #3, Oakland, CA 94610. 510-836-7233) Kendra

Hi, A wonderful colleague of mine is working for ''Watchful Eye Supervision: Ensuring Your Child's Safe Visits & Helping Reunite Families''. They are located in Concord, but they might travel to Oakland - or at least might know of other agencies closer to where you live. The head-supervisor's name there is Neoma Gottlieb and her phone # is (925) 609 7562. You might also ask the court where your case was handled or your attorney. Good luck! Susanne Stolcke, M.A. Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern IMF#46843 Oak Creek Counseling Center, Berkeley Tel.: (510) 375 4575 Supervised by Judith Elkin, Ph.D. Psy 8774 susanne

Someone to supervise a parental visitation


Can anyone recommend someone who is qualified to supervise a parental visitation? My sister is in the unfortunate position of having had to request that her ex-husband's visits with their daughter take place under supervision, due to his apparent intent to abduct their child to his home country in the Middle East. She needs to find someone, preferably a man, who can be present at the weekly visits until this situation is resolved. If anyone has had experience with a similar situation or knows of a qualified person, please email to UCB Parents. anonymous

In Marin there is an attorney, Michael Samuels who is engaged in this issue. I read an article about his efforts in the Apple Family Newspaper. I'm sure you could find more information from the Apple Parenting Center in San Rafael or calling Mr. Samuels. (I don't believe he is doing this as part of his job, but as public service, but I'm not sure. He's also a family friend, so I could get more information from him if you wanted it before contacting him.) Barbara

In Marin County, in the city of San Rafael, there is an agency called APPLE. They run a supervised visitation program that is quite good and might be an appropriate option for the person that needs these services. There was an article in Marin's Independent Journal last week about it. I think it is called Apple Family Agency, and it is listed in the directory. Julie