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YMCA Day Camps for teens

March 2006

Re: What do Thirteen Year Old Boys do in the Summer?
Last summer, I enrolled both my children in the YMCA Day Camps. I would highly recommend these! they have different activities & field trips each week It gives the kids opportunities to meet new people in different environments,other than their friends from school. I actually started off the summer just enrolling my 9 yr. old son. However, my 13 yr. old daughter was so bored for 3 weeks, that we ended up enrolling her in their teen camp; she loved it! They took field trips all over the bay area and had a couple of overnight trips to places like Santa Cruz, where they did things such as, learn to surf & snorkel. she had a ball! the camps are fairly inexpensive, for what you get. Between $130 -250/ week. And you can go on a week to week basis. It's not like you have to sign them up for the entire summer! We're definitely doing that again this summer. sunkisst