Camp Sugar Pine

Outside the Bay Area
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Located in Arnold, CA in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills

Hidden away in the enchanting forests of Calaveras County’s Sierra Foothills, Sugar Pine has been a magical getaway to generations of campers for over 75 years. From the camp's sparkling swimming pool and monumental adventure tower to the property's neighboring Alpine lakes and Mercer Caverns, Sugar Pine is the hub for high adventure activities with deep traditions that keep girls coming year after year.

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Jan 2009

Re: Sleep Away Camps (with horses?) for 11-year-old girl
Check out Girl Scout camps! The Bay Area Council has two horse focused camps: Skylark in Santa Cruz Mtns. and Sugar Pine in the Sierra foothills. Well run programs, relatively inexpensive (compaired to others), and I know many girls who have had a blast there. Go to Girl Scout fan

The Girl Scouts have a week-long horse camp in the Sierras at their Sugar Pine location, which is very nice. If your daughter is not a Girl Scout, it costs $10 to join and the camps are affordable, too (horse camp is more).