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Located at UC Santa Cruz

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March 2014

Re: Music sleepaway camp for 13 year old
Soundwall - my kid LOVES it!!!!! There are 2 one-week sessions; it's at UCSC. Not sure if it's too late for 2014:

March 2004

Re: Rock Music Camp for teenager
to ''mother of a bass player'' --

my son attended soundwall rock music summer camp for 2 summers, after 8th and 9th grades. he is also a bass player. he LOVED the program, and learned a lot, which he brought back to his local garage band.

the program is excellent. they have history of rock lessons every day. the kids are grouped in bands-for-the- week, and there is a performance for parents at the end of the week. the days are very full! they are doing music from the time they wake up until evening, and they jam and practice in the evenings, too. the kids live in a dorm, and eat in the cafeteria.

we were worried about supervision and whether the days would be full, and how our son would get along there. the kids were so busy, he loved it, and he learned a lot. no time for trouble. being on a college campus was also wonderful. the program is very positive, every musician is encouraged to push to new limits, and everyone's a star.

soundwall was set up by parents who couldn't find a good program for their son. the son is now maybe early 20's, and an instructor. it is a cool place, challenging, and very safe.

another mom of a bass player